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8 Critical Steps to Building a Home in Utah

Blueprint of building a new home

We’ve all heard of or even experienced the terrors and delays that come when building a new home in Utah, or anywhere for that matter.

But, are the headaches and stress really necessary? Can it all be avoided?

We believe it can be. When it comes to building a home, the more you know the better. It all comes down to being informed. Whether, you’re working with a contractor or attempting to build your own home you’ll be able to properly manage timing and quality assurance when you have a firm grasp on the correct home-building process.

Here is everything you need to know about building a home in Utah broken down into eight critical steps:

Step 1

Design your home. The design process is where balancing wants, needs, and dreams takes place. With the help of an architect or with a pre-designed home, you will decide what fits within your budget and needs. The more details you solidify from the start, the smoother the entire home-building process will go. Your dream home is one step closer to becoming reality.

Step 2

Prepare site. You’ve got the perfect piece of land and now it’s time to let the professionals work their magic on getting that land ready for your home, unless you’re an incredibly brave and capable individual doing this on your own. Get ready for heavy equipment to be present throughout this entire process.

Step 3

Pour foundation and complete framing. For obvious reasons, the foundation is of utmost importance as it sets the base for the remainder of the home. Equally important is the framing. The framing provides the structure of the home. The pouring of the foundation will often be done by the same crew who prepared the site. Completing the framing or shell of the house means the floor, walls and roof systems are in place.

Step 4

Complete plumbing, electrical and HVAC. The proper completion of this step determines much of the functionally and comfort of your home in the future. Plumbing and electrical contractors will run the pipes and wires through the framework created in the previous building phase.

Step 5

Install insulation and drywall. Upon completion and installation of plumbing, electrical, and heating and cooling units, insulation will be installed and the drywall put in place. It is also around this time that contractors will begin on the exterior of the home with brick or siding.

Step 6

Flooring and paint. It is at this point that your home will begin to feel like a home, and the excitement to move in is hard to fight. Floors, cabinets, trim and moulding will all be put in place and your home will take one more step closer to becoming a reality. This is one of the most exciting stages! Colors will start to fill your walls with fresh new paint.

Step 7

Install fixtures and appliances. This is when the subcontractors come in with seemingly endless deliveries. Faucets will be installed, counter-tops set, and light fixtures, outlets and additional appliances connected. If you wait too long to finalize your choices on these details it can unnecessarily postpone your final move in date, so be sure to have your final selections chosen long before this time.

Step 8

Finishing touches and final walk-through. This is it, the moment you’ve been waiting for and that makes all the time and effort worth it. Your contractor will walk you through the home to discuss and tour all of its features. You may also address any last minute concerns, questions, or small mistakes that arise.

The moment you walk into your finished home for the first time is a big one, but that memory is only the first of a lifetime to happen within those walls. McArthur Homes knows how important those memories are for you and your family. Our family run business has worked as quality home builders in Utah since 1993. Request more information today to see how we can help you take one step closer to moving into your dream home.

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