Best Places and Time to Buy a Home in Utah

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With many home options available in Utah, it is difficult to know when the best time to buy a home is. Learn more about the housing market and when to buy your Utah home.

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Best Time of the Year to Buy a Home in Utah

Is it a good time to buy a home? What was here before my home? Am I getting the best price? These are all fair questions that home buyers may ask in their search for the perfect home.

The best time to buy a home varies in opinion, but it is generally accepted that the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas are great times. During this time homebuyers should be very conscious of how many competitors there are in the market looking for a home. The ratio of how many homes are listed along with how many buyers can make a world of difference on how easy it is to find that perfect home.

Utah’s best homes can usually be found at a great price through the fall months for different reasons. One big reason there is less competition is that many people don’t look for homes as much through the colder Utah months. They may not want to go home shopping our have to move all their belongings in the frigid temperatures. This can allow home shoppers to put in better offers that they can feel good about and not overpay.

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Things to Keep in Mind When Buying a Home

If you are looking for a home in fall and winter, be sure to check the air conditioner and that it blows cold through all the vents. The same goes for the furnace in the colder months. It is much better to find any blockages or problems before you put in an offer.

Also, look at how steep the driveway is and if it could cause problems in the winter, if there could be any standing water in the rainy months, if there is a large water source that could attract bugs, etc. Some homebuyers hire home inspectors to inspect a home before they buy, which can be a great investment if they are able to find anything a buyer would not normally notice.


Best Places to Buy a Home in Utah

It seems that Utah’s best homes are scattered throughout the state. So where is the place to go in Utah? That all depends on your preferences, likes, habits, jobs, and pretty much everything about you. Utah is a state full of many different places to live. If you are currently looking for a place to live, here are some of the best places to go in Utah:


  • American Fork – American Fork is a city in Utah County that has a great livability rating. It boasts 37% lower crime rate than the Utah average, median household income that is 11% higher than Utah, and many close by amenities. American Fork has a great location in Utah County and is not far from Salt Lake County.
  • Logan – Another good place to live in Utah is Logan. Logan also has a great livability rating. The cost of living, crime rate, and amenities are what make Logan a great place to be as long as you don’t mind the colder winter months.
  • Draper – Draper is a great place to go in Utah. It has great ratings for amenities, crime, education, and employment. The only low rating for Draper is the cost of living, which is 25% higher than the Utah average. Draper is situated in south Salt Lake County and is right around South Mountain to get to Utah County. Some of Utah’s best homes are located at Corner Canyon in Draper.
  • Hurricane – Hurricane’s livability score is 11 points higher than Utah and 13 higher than the rest of the United States. Some of the highlights are cost of living, crime, and amenities. The weather is also better than many parts of Utah as it is located in the South.
  • Park City – Park City offers the highest livability rating in Utah, but comes at a cost. The weather is the only thing that brings Park City down as the winter months can be very brutal. Amenities, crime, education, employment, and housing all rank very high compared to other Utah cities. Like Draper, Park City offers many of Utah’s best homes and is a great place to go in Utah.


There is not a “one size fits all” equation for the best place to live in Utah. Depending on your likes and needs, you can determine which city and home can meet what you want. Whether or not it is a good time to buy a home largely depends on the market and what is available. McArthur Homes is here to answer any questions you have and help you find your dream home.

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