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SLC in the Fall

Salt Lake City in the Fall: Must-Visit Spots and Activities

Ah, the allure of Salt Lake City during the vibrant fall season! Picture the cool breeze brushing against your skin, set against a backdrop of... Read More »

Why Townhome Living is a Perfect Choice for Millennial Families in SLC

Why Townhome Living is a Perfect Choice for Millennial Families in SLC

The bustling city of Salt Lake City (SLC) has become a focal point for a remarkable trend. More and more millennial families are turning towards... Read More »


2024 Interior Design Trends: A Blend of Comfort and Innovation

The new year is just around the corner, bringing a fresh perspective on how we can transform our living spaces. With a shift in focus... Read More »

How to Personalize Your New Home

How to Personalize Your New Home Without Breaking the Bank

Moving into a new home is like turning to a fresh page in a book; you have the freedom to create a unique story that... Read More »

Must Have Items for Your New Home

A Room-by-Room Guide to Must-Have Items for a New Home

Moving into a brand-new home is an exciting journey and a fresh start filled with possibilities. But knowing what to buy to make this house... Read More »

Best Things to Do Salt Lake City

10 Must-See Attractions: Uncovering the Best Things to Do in Salt Lake City

As Salt Lake City, Utah, continues to grow and thrive, so does its list of attractions and entertainment options. If you’re planning to visit or... Read More »

Benefits of Buying Early in a New Home Community

Top 4 Benefits of Buying Early in a New Home Community

The decision to purchase a new home is a significant milestone in anyone’s life, and navigating the home-buying process can be both exciting and challenging.... Read More »


Why Buying a New Home in Utah County is a Smart Investment

Are you a young professional or family in the tech field considering a relocation for work? Look no further than Utah County for your next... Read More »

Why Downsizing to a Townhome is a Great Idea

Why Downsizing to a Townhome is a Great Idea

Here’s a scenario: your kids got older and are now out of the house. On top of that you may be thinking of retiring, sick... Read More »

Best Hikes in Utah County McArthur Homes

8 of the Best Hikes in the Utah County Region

Utah County is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, with a plethora of hiking options that cater to all skill levels and offer breathtaking natural beauty.... Read More »

Message From Our Founders

Why we love building homes in Utah

Don, Dave and Ron share why they love building new homes for Utah families. Hear their story of starting McArthur Homes and what makes us different from other builders.

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Behind the Scenes

a closer look at construction

McArthur Homes does many things to build a safer, healthier and stronger home for you and your family. VP of Construction, John Gassman, takes you on a tour behind the scenes to see how we do it.

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