Benefits of Building on Your Own Lot in Utah

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With all of the new homes in Utah that are currently being built, now is a fantastic time to pull the trigger on the home you’ve been dreaming of. All of the growth that’s happening also makes it a great time to consider building that home on your own lot.

While there are plenty of benefits of building on your own lot, there are also a few pitfalls to watch out for. Read on to learn what you should do, and what you should avoid having success when constructing a new home in Utah!

Shovel digging into the dirt

Assessing the Land

Taking the time to search for and select a unique piece of land that fits all of your individual needs can definitely be a satisfying experience. But before you buy the land you think you want, you should first carefully scrutinize it and assess how costly and how practical it will be to build on that specific parcel of land.

Many people fall in love with the idea of living in isolated and undeveloped land, but it’s not always the best way to go. If you have your heart set on building a cozy cabin in the mountains, you’ll need to find out whether or not that land is actually useable. Although a lot may seem like an easy piece of land to build on, the lot may actually prove to be more trouble than it’s worth.

It may be a good idea to have a professional builder take a look at the land with you before you purchase it so that they can help you decide which parcel of land will be best for your needs. Getting a professional opinion which will save you time, money, and stress in the long-run when building your new home in Utah.


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Building in More Developed Areas

Some home buyers assume that a lot in a more developed area will automatically be easy to work with and inexpensive, but in some cases this is a false assumption.

It can be surprising just how much additional work may be required to make certain lots buildable, even when the lot is in a pre-existing development. For example, one site in the area might require a foundation that needs below-ground piers, while another may need lots of excavation work. There might also be property line restrictions and zoning laws that could cause issues as well.

The good news, however, is that building in an established new home community means that you likely won’t have to deal with issues such as access to electricity, natural gas, water, and sewer connections since those should be in place already.


completed home built by McArthur HomesUtilizing the Lot

The ability to fully take advantage of the unique characteristics and views of your Utah lot is one of the biggest benefits of building your new home in Utah on your own lot.

If there is a giant fir tree that you love and don’t want to remove, or a view of the city that you want to be able to see from your bedroom, building on your own lot allows you the freedom to do what you want.

Another thing to consider is that when you choose a lot in a developed area, there may be a limited choice of home plans that could make it difficult for you to fully utilize the lot the way you want to. Be sure to find out whether the builders will let you adapt an existing home plan to fit your wishes before you go forward with the building of your home. If not, you might want to consider going with a custom home builder instead.


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Choosing Your Builder

Every builder has strengths and weaknesses that need to be considered before you decide which one to work with. Some are great at building on lots that are located in master-planned communities with infrastructure already in place. Others specialize in working on land that needs lots of improvement. And some are good at both.

One thing you’ll want to look for is someone who has valuable connections with suppliers and can get you the best prices on the highest-quality appliances, flooring, and other important materials for your new home in Utah. Use your money wisely by researching builders carefully and hiring someone who can make your dream home a reality.

McArthur Homes specialize in constructing Utah home buildings in communities. Check out our new homes and contact us with any questions regarding building a new home in Utah.

The Utah new home building market is thriving, and now is the time to take advantage of it by purchasing and building on your own lot. By assessing and selecting your land carefully, making sure your favorite aspects of the land are utilized, and choosing the best builder for your needs, you’ll end up with the perfect new home in Utah for you!


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