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One Year Limited Warranty

McArthur Homes is so committed to customer satisfaction that we put that commitment in writing. This One Year Limited Warranty Guide will help you understand the limited warranty on your new home and the procedure for obtaining warranty service. Our Limited New Home Warranty Standards & Guidelines detail each area of your home as well as what to expect and what to look for.

Requested Follow Up

We offer 30 Day and 1 Year Follow Up visits to review any adjustments that you may need for your home.

Thirty Day Follow-Up

During the first thirty (30) days after closing, you may note minor malfunctions, such as sticking drawers and doors not latching. To the extent that such items are a normal builder responsibility, correction or adjustments will be made one time shortly after closing. To obtain service for these items, maintain a list of such items as each comes to your attention. A follow up visit will be made upon request approximately thirty (30) days after move-in. All items determined as a responsibility of the Builder will be scheduled for correction at the earliest possible date. Other items, if any, will be discussed with Homebuyer for suggestions of possible solution.

1 Year Follow Up

A similar visit will be made upon request at the conclusion of the one year warranty period. Any routine items noticed between these visits should be kept on a similar list and addressed at the end of year appointment. Consolidation of these items will allow the least amount of disruptions to homebuyer. Year end inspections need to be requested by Homebuyer within the 11th month period.

Warranty Requests

If you have a warranty item that requires service, please email


Limited_Warranty iStock_000014713734XSmallTo comply with the terms of your warranty as well as for reasons of accuracy, all non-emergency items for which you request service must be reported in writing.

When reporting a problem, please contact our warranty department by submitting an e-mail to Please include a complete description of the problem along with name, address, homesite number and phone numbers where you can be reached during business hours. Your request can also be faxed to 1-801-253-1095. You will be contacted within one business day by e-mail or by phone concerning your request.

Depending on the issue, either our Customer Service Manager will meet with you to make an inspection and to review your service requests, or you will be contacted directly by the applicable trade contractor. If, upon review, a repair is necessary and covered under this warranty, our Customer Service Manager will either correct the items at the time of the inspection, or schedule appropriate personnel and trade contractors to complete the work.

Please cooperate with our Customer Service Manager and trade contractors in scheduling inspections of work in your house. It is your responsibility to see that our service personnel have access to your home for at least one (1) full day. General warranty service will only be scheduled during the following hours, 7:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. No work will be scheduled on weekends or after hours.

McArthur Homes strives to complete minor repairs within thirty (30) days from the day the repair order is received.

The Homebuyer must notify the Builder in writing, of the existence of any defect before the Builder is responsible for the correction of the defect. Written notice of a defect must be received by the Builder prior to the expiration of the applicable warranty period, and no action at law or in equity may be brought by Homebuyer against the Builder for failure to remedy or repair any defect about which the Builder has not received timely notice in writing.


“Emergency” is defined as severe plumbing problems that require the entire water supply to be shut off, total loss of hot water, total sewage stoppage, total loss of heat, hazardous electrical problems, gas leak, roof leak into home’s interior or any situation that endangers the occupants or the home. Cooling failures DO NOT constitute an emergency.

Gas leaks, please call Questar 1-800-541-2824

No heat during winter, please call heating contractor listed on Walk-Through Orientation Form or posted on your furnace.

For emergencies occurring during normal working hours, contact our main office at 801-253-9910.

Emergencies occurring off-hours should be reported to 801-253-9910 ext. 0 and to the applicable trade call out numbers on your orientation paperwork. The trade contractor should call you within several hours for true emergency situations. Our Customer Service Manager will contact you by the next business day to follow up. If Homebuyer is unable to make contact with builder during a “defined” emergency, the Homebuyer should take immediate action to mitigate further damages and contact builder or trade contractor as soon as possible. This warranty does not cover reimbursement for contractors or services hired by Homebuyer.

Although certain situations may seem to be of a serious nature to you, our Customer Service Manager may be able to give you instructions over the phone that will temporarily alleviate or secure the problem until the start of the next regular working day, at which time the appropriate personnel will come to your home to check on the matter.

Familiarize yourself with the different shutoffs and safety devices within your home and if you have a problem or are not sure of their use and operation, feel free to e-mail

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