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Are you wondering how to buy a home in Utah? The process of home buying, how to decide on what you want, and moving can be daunting decisions. One of the first choices you must face when considering home buying is whether to buy new or pre-owned.

If you’re looking to live within the beehive state, you likely want help knowing how to buy a home in Utah. New home construction in Utah has seen large growth in areas like Daybreak, areas West of Lehi, southern Provo, and St. George. There is a large selection of new construction homes in Utah or pre-owned options depending on your preferences.

New home construction in Utah, or going with a pre-owned options, both have a large list of pros and cons. However, the popular opinion of many people is that the advantages of new home construction in Utah outweighs those of a pre-owned home, and here are 10 reasons why.

Pros of New Construction Homes in Utah

1. Customization

Before a home is complete, you will be able to add personal touches such as countertop material or wall colors if you choose to get one of the new construction homes in Utah. Customization is one of the largest advantages of new home construction in Utah as it ensures you feel at home in your home.

2. Ease of move-in

When you decide on new home construction in Utah, that means that some of the hard work required to move in will be done for you. You won’t have to worry about home repairs or deep cleaning. What you get in the end is a clean home completely ready for you to move in.

3. Design

New construction homes in Utah incorporate design elements that are essential for today’s lifestyles, such as walk-in closets, larger bathrooms, open kitchens, and spacious living areas. Simply put, new homes are more comfortable to live in.

4. Low maintenance

New home construction in Utah is just that: new. It is no secret that anything new has a small chance of defect. New home construction in Utah drastically reduces the amount of repairs and replacements that are needed.

5. Warranties

In the rare circumstance where something does break down or a faulty design is discovered, new construction homes in Utah have the luxury of warranties. This means repairs won’t necessarily come from your wallet.

6. Energy efficiency

The building materials of new homes, the designs, and the appliances have all been upgraded to be more energy efficient. This energy efficiency significantly reduces utility bills and can even become a tax deduction.

7. Technology

Have you heard of the smart home? Just as cars, phone, and other technologies have seen some huge advancements, new homes are also becoming more intelligent and customized to make life simple.

8. Timing

Buying a pre-owned home can be competitive. If you don’t close a deal, you can see a home be purchased right out from underneath you. This pressure can often make people rush very large financial decisions. Going with new home construction in Utah gives you the luxury of time to make choices.

9. Health

New homes are safer. Not only have there been efforts made to make homes more resistant to things like fire, break-ins, or gas leaks, but new building materials will not have the toxic or harmful substances that were not prohibited in older constructions.

10. Discounts

Many home builders have connections with material suppliers, can handle paperwork and processes included with home buying, and have other means of reducing the costs of moving in.

While there are many positive aspects of buying new construction homes in Utah, there are some drawbacks.

Pros of Buying Pre-owned

To be fair, here are 5 benefits and disadvantages of pre-owned homes.

1. Costs

Cost is among the largest benefit of buying a pre-owned home. Almost everything that was purchased by the previous owner stays with the home. Significantly decreasing moving costs. Furniture, appliances, gardens, and other things are readily available.

2. Location

Location may not have been on your mind, but older homes will be built closer to central locations with many benefits like established school districts, stores, businesses, and other necessities. Commutes to jobs are often shorter and there is history to determine how safe a neighborhood is.

3. Selection

There is a very wide spectrum of designs, locations, lot sizes, home sizes, and other choices among existing homes. Prices may also be more negotiable, therefore expanding your selection even further.

4. Character

Not every home may have character, and it may not appeal to everybody, but there is truth in the fact that older homes have a cozy, fun, rustic, or other inviting personalities.

5. Strong Construction

Older homes, despite being old, have very strong materials and foundations. Premium material was often selected for foundations, wooden frames, and other construction material so that pre-owned homes often have a strong construction.

Cons of Buying Pre-owned

1. Maintenance

Unlike new construction homes in Utah, a pre-owned home has millage which means there are going to be repairs. Home foundations, appliances, plumbing, roofing- these are just a few things that can wear out over time and lead to expensive repairs.

2. Energy efficiency

Old homes were not built with efficiency in mind. Windows, doors, insulation, and other areas of the home will have outdated, inferior designs. This inefficiencies can become very expensive.

3. Old design

Styles change, some purely aesthetic and others functional, and pre-owned homes are stuck with the old technology and designs. Remodeling is possible but costs can be extensive.

4. Safety

Health and safety standards change. Electric wiring systems, vents, insulation, and other aspects of homes have changed over the years to reduce risks of fires, gas leaks, and other hazards. Only new home construction in Utah benefits from these updates.

5. Resale value

Although many factors play into this, as a general rule, new construction homes in Utah can resell for more money.

For a little more direction on how to buy a home in Utah, here is a financial home buying how-to guidance

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