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Below are a few of the testimonials we have received from our wonderful homeowners. We at McArthur Homes place a very high emphasis on customer satisfaction. In fact, we survey all of our homeowners after closing using a third party company. You can view all of their survey responses here.


“We were lucky enough to build our very first home in the McArthur Homes Legacy Ranch community. It is a beautiful community with many amenities. It was in the Legacy Ranch clubhouse workout room that I started to run off my baby weight after having our first child. It was in the clubhouse pool that our child had his first taste of swimming. It was on the trails that go throughout the neighborhood that I have run on to try to get rid of the baby weight from child number two (and who am I kidding, I am still trying to lose the weight from child number one!). It is in the several parks/playgrounds in the neighborhood that we spend our afternoons playing and picnicking. We have loved every aspect of our McArthur home!

As our family continues to grow, we have considered several times to look for a new home, but being spoiled and being able to build a beautiful home just the way we want it in a great neighborhood has kept us right in our place! In fact, the only time we REALLY get serious about moving is when we find another McArthur Home neighborhood that is going up! My husband has absolutely become a McArthur Home snob! He will not even entertain the idea of building with another company! We have been so excited and impressed by the great quality of our home, the great people that work for McArthur Homes, and the ease of the building process. I have spoken to other people that have built their homes who have nightmare stories about their home, the builder etc. who have built with other companies. They say to me, “Don’t you think the building process was so stressful? I never want to do it again!” I had quite the opposite experience! I would do it over and over again!

I remember one of the small things that really impressed me was how excited the company was for me to move into my new home. The gentleman that did our final walk-through with us was so excited for us. He gave us a ton of tips of how to take care of our new home. Then he left us with something that really impressed me-a simple tool box with a couple small containers of colors of paint that were in our home, so that we could do touch-ups throughout the years. You can tell that they take pride in their homes, and want us to do the same. And we certainly do!

Where ever the road may take us (which will most likely be another McArthur neighborhood, because of previously stated reasons. Aka-my husband, and really myself as well) we will never forget our beautiful McArthur home.” – Kipp & Chelsea


“After searching extensively for over 6 months for our first home we decided to go with McArthur Homes. Our choice was simple, they offered us the most bang for our buck and we were extremely impressed with the craftsmanship of their homes.

We were eager to start the process of building our home and the staff at McArthur Homes was ready to guide us through the entire process and answer even the silliest of questions or concerns we had.
We were overwhelmed with excitement to preview the endless possibilities in the design studio. There were so many options in all price ranges that we really could personalize our home just the way we wanted, on the budget we had set for ourselves.

Week after week was just as exciting to go to our homesite and watch the progress of our new home. We couldn’t wait to get into our new home, so much that we moved in at 11 pm on a day that our child had the flu! We just passed our 1 year anniversary this month and couldn’t be more happy with the choices we made and our experience with McArthur Homes. Superb customer service!” – The Strain Family


“We have been married for 8 years and lived in our McArthur Home for the last four years. Before we built our home with you, we had moved from place to place. We moved 11 times in four years searching for a place we could call home.

When we were looking to build, we looked everywhere. When we walked into the McArthur model home, in Legacy Ranch… we Loved it! We drove around the neighborhood and thought it was a place we would love to settle. When we worked with Doug, our Community Sales Manager, to find the floor plan and the lot we were very happy with the choices. Though there were many great models, the one we chose is so perfect for our family. We love our floor plan! Our experience with the design personnel was great. Kristi, the Design Studio Consultant, knew how to help us build a home we love.

When we were in the process of building our home, we loved all the attention that was given. The many emails and pictures with updates, and the willingness to change what we wanted throughout the process. It all came together very well.

When we moved into our home just under four years ago, we had one child, a little girl. Happy to say we have three children now, we added two boys! We are happy to call this our home… we are building many memories here and plan to stay forever! We love the friendships we have made and are happy to have a clean and safe neighborhood. One of our favorite places to be is on our front porch. Hanging out while the kids play! We just added a basketball standard and love to play hoops with the kids.

We love sharing our home with friends and family, and we try to make our home a place all would like to be. It is easy to do with our beautiful and welcoming floor plan.

Thank you for taking pride in your work so that we can take pride in our beautiful home!” –The Mangelson Family


“I can’t say I have just one favorite experience when it came to building our home. For me and my husband, each step in the processing was exciting. This is our first single family home, so to be able to have it built was an amazing experience.

We loved going to the design center (I went a lot) to pick out our colors, fixtures, carpets, upgrades etc. I loved that I could take carpet samples and put them beside tile samples to see how the colors went together or I could take a counter sample and put it by my cabinets to see if I liked the look. I loved that I was able to choose a different counter top in each of my bathrooms or different floors (I didn’t, but I love that I had that option). I loved that I was able to pick out my double ovens (which I love).

Then came the building experience. I remember the day my husband called and told me that they had dug our hole. We were so excited, it finally felt real. We were going to have a home of our own, one that where we got to choose everything. Then to see the foundation poured. My husband happened to come by just as they were pouring our foundation so he filmed it on his cell phone for me so I could see it when I got off work. Yes, we came out everyday to see the progress of our home. By the time the outside framing was done, Chet (our superintendent) knew us by name. I also loved that everyday Tim (our Community Sales Manager) would email us pictures of the progress of our house, even though we had come out and taken our own pictures.

I have to admit, though, my absolute favorite thing about my home building experience was doing the final walk through with Ben (the Warranty Manager). I know you are probably thinking I am crazy, but for me, it meant my dream had finally come true. My new home, one that I had picked out and no one else had ever lived in, was finally done and in just a few days I was going to get to move it. I didn’t sleep the first night we moved in, I just sat in bed loving the smell of new carpet and paint.

So in short, we loved every step, every minute of the home building experience and never plan on moving out of our home.” -Matt & Bendi


“It is difficult to choose which moment of our home building process was our favorite because the whole experience was so very positive. We had many great experiences starting with the very first moment we walked into the model home and spoke with Andra, the Community Sales Manager. Our questions were answered right up front and everyone was always so cheerful and helpful.

We loved the fact that there was a Design Studio that we could actually see and compare different options for carpet, flooring, cabinets, tile, lighting, colors, etc. McArthur really has home buying and building down to a science.

To be able to meet with Roger, the Purchasing Manager, and go over all of our plans and make any adjustments was such a positive and exciting moment. It was obvious that Roger had our best interest as his main goal, and that he wanted us to be completely satisfied before moving forward.

We had a bit of a tight schedule, so the fact that McArthur was able to have our home ready for us within 5 months of the time we started the process was a real blessing.

The walk through after our home was framed and wired was great and the fact that McArthur anticipated some wiring additions and some extra lighting was a big bonus. They seemed to know just what we needed even before we knew. Adam, our Superintendent, was so courteous, helpful and professional.

I am a pilot and to be able to fly over and watch the home being built and the progress that was made each week was truly an exhilarating experience!

To have Ben, the Warranty Manager, do our final walk through and catch every little detail to make sure our home was just perfect was truly the icing on the cake. Then to have Ben present us with a toolbox and shovel, and Andra to present us with a Scentsy candle at closing truly put an exclamation point to the whole process. Not to mention that any repairs were completed within days.

As if all of the above was not enough, McArthur provided us with a truck to help with our move. They really know how to make the home buying experience perfect.

Our first family dinner after we were all moved in and settled, was wonderful. We were in our dream home and we had the room for all of our children to visit and feel the warmth and love that this gorgeous home holds.

Our experience with McArthur Homes has been nothing short of fantastic. We cannot say enough about what a positive and rewarding time it has been for us. We truly have our dream home and we recommend McArthur Homes to anyone and everyone. As you can see for us, all of the interactions with McArthur Homes and their people, from start to finish, were wonderful! It is impossible for us to pick our favorite. As they say, it is all GOOD!” – Al & Sue Hyer


“My wife and I were living in the Britney Townhomes by McArthur Homes in a Dover model 2bed/1bath. It was great for us as a couple, but we wanted to grow our family in a larger place. We learned that McArthur was building a community in Herriman and we liked our experience at Britany so much that we checked out Legacy Ranch North.

The Community Sales Manager there was very outgoing and friendly and we signed papers that day to take advantage of a discount on the house’s site. I don’t know why there was a discount because it has a great location in the neighborhood, with one of the best views of the Wasatch Mountains!

We have since had two happy and healthy children. The community is always clean and our neighbors are wonderful. We are very happy with McArthur Homes and we would recommend them to all our family and friends (and we often do) and we would absolutely buy another home from McArthur if the need ever arises.” – Craig & Beckah Greenwood


“We have had two homes built previous to McArthur Homes and this was by far the best-built home of all. We were living in Pennsylvania and planning to move to Utah when we discovered McArthur Homes online. We sent our son to see the property in Lone Tree Eagle Mountain. Our son met with Andra, the Community Sales Manager, and they made a conference call to us where we settled on the Sarena model by viewing 3″ X 5″ photos of the house and a small floor plan photo. The Sarena turned out to be the best fit for my wife and I with its generous floor plan.

The building schedule was maintained and we were enjoying our new home in September of 2010. The house has been economical for utilities and built tight and rock solid. The experience of building was hassle free while working with the exceptional employees of McArthur Homes. McArthur Homes has been responsive to our requests for the few warranty items that arose.

All in all working with McArthur Homes has been a great experience. I would recommend them to anyone building a new home.” – Rod & Lorraine


“When we started looking for our first home, we wanted to get it absolutely right. You can only build your first home once, right? We went through many different models of different builders and had decided on the house that we wanted. We even put our money down. On our way out, we noticed a sign for McArthur Homes and decided to check it out.

The instant I walked through the front door of the McArthur model, I could tell that I was in a better home than I’d walked through in the past. The quality and the details of the home were above and beyond what we’d seen for homes in the same and even higher price ranges. We didn’t choose our house because it was the best deal, it was the same price as the other homes we’d seen. We chose the house because it was the best quality and best house that we could find. From our personal advice in the Design Center to the many questions we asked the builders, to receiving our keys and opening the door of our beautiful new house for the first time, every step that we took was effortless and wonderful. And I know that I have McArthur Homes to thank for that.

Five years later, I don’t regret my choice. I’ve heard so many different horror stories from my friends and their first time home building experiences and I’m so glad I built with McArthur Homes!” – Rich & Laura


“ ‘It will just feel right.’ ‘You will just know.’ These were two common phrases of advice given to us as we began our search for our new home. I didn’t fully understand what that meant until I stepped into a model of my future McArthur home.

One of our favorite experiences in building our home was visiting the design center. We had so much fun choosing design elements and upgrades. We were impressed and excited again and again as we found multiple ways to add “dream” elements to our home while staying within our budget.

As builders, we faced a challenge. We had our home in Utah built for us while we were living across country in Maryland! The McArthur team really shined and made us feel confident and comfortable every step of the way. They worked so well with our realtor and sent detailed pictures of the building process as often as we asked. They answered any questions we had through regular emails and even conducted a walk through over the phone. When we left for Maryland, we had a freshly poured basement that we affectionately called “our hole”. On our next visit, 3 months later, we had a beautifully finished home. The house was completed on schedule and the closing process went smoothly.

We have since made our new house into a home. We look forward to continually opening our home to family and friends, and creating lasting memories, as we watch our young family grow in the years to come. We love our home, sweet McArthur home!” – Adam & Marie Bjornberg


“I just wanted to drop a note to indicate how pleased we were with our Sales Agent during our home-buying experience with McArthur Homes. We have lived in our new home for six months and have been impressed with the quality and overall construction.” – Vince & Jodi


“We have been involved with the construction industry for over 45 years, and we’ve never had such a good experience. We’ve noticed that your employees have integrity and they take pride in their work. As a result we have a beautiful, well-built home. Also, thanks to the subcontractors and others who were involved. McArthur has earned our respect.” – Ken & Lona


“I was still living in Illinois during most of the building process, my [McArthur Homes Sales] agent took pictures every day and emailed them to me. It was great being able to see the progress and process without being here. The whole process went very well. I think McArthur has a great staff, and it was a pleasure working with all of them.” – Ramona


“It has always been a pleasure to work with McArthur Homes. We love our home and appreciate the kindness and concern you have always shown us. You are truly honorable people and we congratulate and thank you for your service and help.” – Dave & Brenda


“I read somewhere that McArthur Homes was awarded “Builder of the Year” a couple of years ago. If I read this correctly, I certainly agree that you and your wonderful staff deserve it.” – Ginni


“I would recommend McArthur Homes to anyone!! My sister saw that people were buying McArthur’s homes by droves and recommended that we come take a look at what was available. We just fell in love with the area and the homes at once. The very first person we met was Larry. He was just wonderful! It was like McArthur Homes bent over backward to help us, in any kind of situation. At each stage of the game, whoever was put in that particular area to talk to us about the status of our home was very knowledgeable and very helpful. The home was built very well. We had some minor things need attention, and they were handled by Alan right away. We are just very pleased with McArthur Homes, their floor plans, homes, neighborhoods, areas, and personnel. Just Everything! McArthur Homes does a wonderful job!” – Judy and Leonard


“My friends always said, ‘Isn’t building a home hard?’ I’ve never done anything so easy. I had a friend come with me to choose my colors and do the final walk through, she was so impressed with how much they told her. What we found most impressive was how thorough the walk through was and all the preventative maintenance. In fact, my friend went home and did the preventative maintenance on her own home; she hadn’t gotten that from her own builder. She was very impressed! I recommend McArthur Homes to Everyone!!!” – Debbie


“My wife and I have recently invested in a new home through your company. We have been extremely impressed with the quality of our new home. We love the layout and the fact that we own our home but don’t have to do yard work. There are many amenities… that we have been very pleased with. The personnel from McArthur Homes was also pleasant to work with. Any questions that we would have were answered promptly. Anything that we needed, they would take care of. We could not be more pleased with our new home and we have recommended your company too many friends.” – The Weeds
“Thank you for doing everything you said you would! We love our home. We looked all over the valley and chose McArthur Homes because the quality you were able to get for such a great price. Thanks for making this so easy for us! We will recommend your company to everyone!” – The Bloxams


“My husband and I had become so tired of paying rent for so long and we finally decided to purchase our first ‘home.’ We were really surprised as to how easy buying our home was and how quick we were able to get it. Now that we are in our home, we love it even more! We have found that the construction is excellent. We are very happy with the design and layout as well. This has been a great experience buying our home through McArthur Homes. We have been so happy that we recommended your firm to friends who now have also purchased a home from McArthur Homes.” – Bruce and Angie
“We would like to thank you for the beautiful home you built for us. We love our home. We were so excited to build and it was a great experience. We were very impressed with the organization of McArthur Homes. Your floor plans themselves and the openness of them made the decision for us to build with you very easy.” – Thomas & Natalie


“We are loving our new home and lot. In the few weeks we have been in our home McArthur has been very responsive and helpful when minor repairs were needed. It is great to know that McArthur continues to care about their customers. I tell everyone who is thinking about a new home that I would build with McArthur again and that there are wonderful home sites right next to mine.” – The Dastrups


“We absolutely love our new home. The peace we’ve found out here is wonderful. The staff at McArthur Homes made one of the most stressful things in life, so much easier. They answered all of our questions, and had the home ready for us the day we were ready to move in. We would recommend McArthur to absolutely anyone. Thank you to everyone who made this so easy and wonderful.” – James & Tara


“We were impressed with the design, style and quality of McArthur homes from the first time we saw them. We also like the setting on the golf course with views of the course as well as the Jordan River Trail and the Gardens at Thanksgiving Point. We look forward to making the move to a quality McArthur home in Thanksgiving Village in the near future.” – Paul & Mary


“We love McArthur Homes! We looked at every builder and had determined that building was just too expensive for us. Then we stumbled upon McArthur Homes. The home was so affordable and huge! We got the home of our dreams, and we were able to design parts of it. Our home buying experience was better than we dreamed, and we owe it all to McArthur Homes.” – Jared & Jacqueline

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