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  • Understand basic techniques and principles of each phase of construction
    • On the job experience is invaluable
    • Attend seminars and training sessions
    • Read articles and books on current techniques
  • Read and interpret plans and specifications
  • Use only approved trade contractors
  • Communicate the required quality standards to workers
  • Implement established procedures for inspecting, correcting and approving work
  • Inspect materials as they are delivered
  • Troubleshoot jobsite problems as they arise using the Construction Manager as a resource when necessary
  • Deliver completed homes built to established standards with zero defects


  • Be familiar with and accept all aspects of the project budget
  • Approve all purchase orders related to your projects when work is complete
  • Use only approved trade contractors
  • Search for trade contractors who are less expensive and deliver quality work
  • Suggest alternative methods or materials that are less expensive and meet the established quality standards
  • Check quantity of all materials against purchase orders
  • Implement procedures to minimize theft or vandalism of materials
    • Make materials difficult to steal
    • Install materials as soon as possible after delivery
    • Arrange for someone to guard isolated or at risk projects during vulnerable periods
  • Keep accurate records related to all variance purchase orders and implement procedures to avoid variances in the future


  • Understand scheduling methods including Critical Path Method (CPM)
  • Be in agreement with projected completion dates according to established construction schedules
  • Ensure that trade contractors and suppliers are given sufficient notice
  • Coordinate material deliveries
  • Coordinate the work of all trade contractors and hired workers
  • Schedule and complete all required city inspections
  • Update progress of each project on a daily basis
  • Implement recovery procedures if schedules fall behind


  • Implement and enforce established safety regulations
  • Maintain a clean job site and work area
    • All homes should be left broom swept each day
    • Construction trailers and surround areas should be kept clean, uncluttered and in good repair
    • Vacant lots to be kept clear of weeds and debris
    • Spec homes must be maintained including weed and snow removal
    • Assist sales staff as required keeping model homes clean, free of weeds and snow and in “like new” condition
  • Maintain storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) using established Best Management Practices (BMP) for each assigned project
  • Work with Sales Agents
    • Keep them up to date on scheduling projections
    • Coordinate changes according to established procedures
    • Coordinate all communications with buyers
  • Enforce established standards and ethics to maintain company reputation and relations with trade contractors, suppliers, city officials and buyers
  • Communicate with office staff to help correct and update house plans as required

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