Purchasing Manager

McArthur Homes




To maximize company profit through accurate and efficient preparation of construction documents.



  • Run Newstar Software for production of Work Orders and Budgets.
    • Maintain accuracy between Costs/Newstar numbers.
    • Prepare all variances/buyer changes as needed.
  • Prepare entire “Construction Package” for Superintendents including all work orders, color sheets, option order forms & addendums, tracking sheets to schedule construction, redlined copies, and permit.
  • Make necessary package revisions as per Superintendents, and approve packages for budgets.
  • Prepare all Townhome packages and track Spec color selections.
  • Prepare, submit, and monitor permit progress.
    • Prepare plot plans & send to Layne for final copy to submit to city.
    • Manage accurate engineering files with current codes & Mec checks for permit submittals.
    • Redline copies of plans for city permit.
    • Work with city officials in the prompt processing of permits.
    • Keep accurate schedule of building permits.
  • Process and redline blueprints for construction.
    • Prepare accurate redlined blueprints to ensure inclusion of buyer options.
    • Include redlines as required by city on all sets of blueprints (where applicable).
  • Stock current blueprints.
    • Maintain accurate plans as per construction changes.
    • Stock at least two copies of blueprints in plan file at all times.
    • Send out for blueprints as needed for permits, packages, and construction meetings.
  • Keep construction schedule board updated.
    • Check board weekly and remove strips with completion dates.
    • Make strips for each new building.  One for foundation start and finish.  One for framing starts to track progress of each house and its completion.
    • Re-arrange board on an “as needed” basis to accommodate completions and new starts.
  • Implement and monitor Work order/Payment “System”.
    • Communicate McArthur Homes’ policies with suppliers and contractors.  Teach them how Work Orders and Purchase Orders are to be used for payment.  Educate them on differences between Variance Work Orders/Purchase Orders and Field Work Orders/Purchase Orders.
    • Assist superintendents in implementing McArthur Homes’ policies regarding P.O./W.O. and payments.
    • Track and Report on Variances quarterly.
  • FHA/VA duties.
    • Accurately prepare Builder’s certification form, Description of Materials, Termite treatment record, and any other necessary information for approval process.
    • Redline 2 sets of plans for FHA.
    • Redline 2 sets of plans for VA.
    • Give all documents to sales agent/lender.
    • Create master filing system for process and documentation of FHA/VA approvals.
    • Check with sales manager for current process on FHA/VA approvals.
  • Organize/Maintain all Pricing/Bid books.
  • Track, process and submit all Quarterly/Annual Rebate Requests with accompanying documentation.
  • Assigned projects in any area to help the company operate more smoothly and profitably.

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