Community Sales Manager

McArthur Homes



Demonstrate model home, community, area, builder story.

  • Meet, greet and qualify prospects as they visit the model home.
  • Ask discovery questions to determine buyer’s wants and needs.
  • Ask closing questions during sales presentation.
  • Overcome objections or concerns.
  • Basic real estate financing knowledge and skills required.
  • Discuss purchase procedure with every buyer.
  • Ask for the sale with every buyer.

Write Earnest Money Sales Agreements, Homesite Reservations, Addenda, Special Requests, Change Requests, Closing Worksheets

  • Input prospect data in New Star for each buyer.
  • Collect earnest money required by Seller.
  • Review EM Agreement with Buyer.
  • Collect all necessary signatures
  • Provide copy for buyer.
  • Turn in original copy to corporate office w/ earnest money.
  • Write other documents as listed above during sales process.
  • As closing approaches, write Final Purchase Price addendum and attach a Closing Summary Worksheet for Surety Title to prepare closing docs.


Complete all structural personal selections within 14 days of agreement

  • Elevations, exterior colors, electrical, major plumbing, HVAC, insulation, room choice, basement finish space, etc.
  • Write any Special Request for structural items

Collect construction deposit within 30 or 45 days of agreement, depending on terms of EM Agreement.
Manage buyer’s meeting schedules and schedule all meetings with Prime Home Mortgage, Design Consultant, V.P. of Construction, Superintendent, Warranty Manager, Title Company.
Manager all communication with buyer during building of home.

Follow through with prospects

  • Write a Thank You note the day of every buyer’s first visit
  • Send daily, weekly, monthly post cards, letters, phone calls as determined by follow through plans in New Star Sales

Complete weekly traffic report and fax in to corporate office
Manage, recruit weekly Bandit sign placers and Human Directional signs
Manage all inventories of on-site marketing and sales materials, including price sheets, homesite premium worksheets, included features lists, kit covers, note cards, stationary, wall displays, silent sales displays.

Manage model home cleanliness and presentation.

  • Open all model homes daily 5 minutes before operating hours.
  • Lock all model homes and arm alarm daily.
  • Turn on all lights, including lamps, daily. Replace light bulbs as necessary. Ceiling lights that can not be reached should be replaced by Warranty Manager. Community Sales Manager to notify when necessary.
  • Perform minor cleaning, touch up of model home as necessary. A cleaning service shall be hired for weekly deep cleaning. Inform Sales and Marketing Manager of any special needs, concerns.

Attend all closings. Take Closing Gift with you to closing.

Attend bi-monthly Coordination Meeting

  • Report every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month on sales, financing and closing status of each buyer and coordinate with company on any housekeeping needs.
  • Review the Community Sales Summary Report each week to make sure all columns are accurate and up to date.


Model homes are open Monday – Saturday 11:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. McArthur Homes is closed on Sunday and we ask all employees not to work on Sunday. Models should be opened 10 minutes prior to 11:00 and all lights should be on, doors unlocked and model clean by 11:00.
Community Sales Manager shall choose one day per week to take as day off in addition to Sunday. This day shall be the same day every week, but can be moved around as necessary to accommodate special needs, but Sales Associate coverage must be arranged.
Attend Weekly Sales Meetings Tuesdays 9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. at Corporate Office.
Attend other Sales or Training Meetings as deemed necessary by Management.


Attend Weekly Sales Meetings Tuesdays 9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. at Corporate Office.
Other training or education opportunities are available through McArthur Homes, The New Home Specialists Group, Maverick Selling, Success Strategies, NHBA and SMC. Attendance at some training is mandatory while other is voluntary. McArthur Homes will pay for most all training. See employee manual for further details.
Responsible for maintaining Real Estate License active and in good standing with the DRE. This includes any continuing education required for license renewal.


Base Salary is paid monthly.
Construction Deposit Collection is a monthly bonus paid if the construction deposit goal is met for the neighborhood. This will vary per neighborhood and may vary per management.
Closing Bonus is paid when the home closes. The value of this bonus is weighted based on the Construction Deposit goal per neighborhood and is a progressive scale if goals are exceeded.

Quarterly Smooth Transaction Bonus is paid based on pre-determined criteria that is geared to manage the sales process smoothly, including:

  • Full price with no incentive
  • Meetings held on time
  • Deposit collected on time
  • Closed on time

A further detail of the compensation is available in the Community Sales Manager Compensation Agreement.

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