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Herriman, Utah is just southwest of Salt Lake City. It is close enough to the big city to enjoy all the entertainment and fun, but far enough away to feel like a suburb. There are always plenty of events going on in the community to create a fun and friendly atmosphere. This city makes a great place to live for families.

And when you’re looking to buy homes in Herriman, Utah, we can help. McArthur Homes is dedicated to finding the right homes in Herriman, Utah. Here’s how you can purchase Herriman homes.

inside a home in Herriman made by McArthur Homes

1. Choose a location.

Wherever you are moving to, you should look at different locations throughout the city to see which areas you like best. Maybe you want to live closer to Salt Lake, or in a specific school district, closer or further from shopping centers, etc. If you aren’t exactly sure yet where you want to build your Herriman home, fill out our information request, and our Online Sales Counselor will help you find a neighborhood that is best for you.

2. Set a budget.

Before you even start looking for a home, you should create a budget, so that you know exactly how much you can and are willing to pay for your new Herriman home. As a general rule, don’t look for homes in Herriman, Utah that cost more than 3–5 times more than your annual household income. You should also get preapproved for a mortgage to make the process of buying a Herriman home go more smoothly.

3. Find a real estate agent.

Real estate agents are great tools to help you buy or sell a home. They know all the details of the homes and neighborhoods around them. Feel free to discuss questions or concerns with our Community Sales Managers as well, when looking to purchase a home in Herriman, Utah.

4. Look for your home.

Begin looking at homes in your price range. Think of things that you like or dislike about previous homes you have lived in. Identify features that your Herriman home must have and features you could compromise on. You can always decide to build a Herriman home with us too, simply meet with one of our Community Sales Managers to find a home design and site that will work for you and your family.  

5. Home inspection.  

While all of our homes are inspected before you move in, be sure that when looking at other homes in Herriman, Utah, you get a home inspection to look for any underlying damage or structural issues that may need to be addressed.

6. Apply for a loan.

Applying for a loan is the next step in the process. Visit with a loan officer or your financial institution to apply for the loan. It may also be a good idea to visit with them when determining the initial budget so that you have a better estimate of what you will be able to reasonably afford.

7. Fill out the paperwork.

Once everything meets your expectation and you have been approved for a loan, it is time for the paperwork. Your lender will arrange the necessary documents.

You will also close the sale by signing all the paperwork to complete the purchase of your new home in Herriman, Utah.


 For any other questions or concerns, contact us to learn more.

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