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Basic home maintenance and repairs: Your go-to guide

Basic Home Maintenance and Repairs: Your Go-To Guide

December 20, 2023

Regular home maintenance and repairs are vital to preserve the value and functionality of your home. McArthur Homes, known for building quality homes in Utah, including the new Dawson Place townhomes in Salt Lake City, is your trusted resource for practical home care advice.

Dawson Place Townhome from McArthur Homes

Understanding Basic Home Maintenance

  • Gutter Cleaning: Clear your gutters regularly to prevent water damage.
  • HVAC Filter Changes: Replace HVAC filters every 3-6 months to improve air quality and efficiency.
  • Smoke Detector Testing: Test smoke detectors monthly and replace batteries annually.
  • Lubricating Door Hinges and Locks: Regular lubrication of hinges and locks keeps doors functioning smoothly and prevents wear.
  • Electrical Safety Check: Ensure electrical safety with routine checks of outlets and cords to prevent hazards.

DIY Repairs You Can Do

  • Fixing a Leaky Faucet: A simple washer replacement can often fix a leak.
  • Unclogging Drains: Use a plunger or a plumber’s snake to clear blockages.
  • Patching Small Holes in Walls: Fill with spackling paste, sand and paint.
  • Tightening Loose Cabinet Hinges: Fix sagging or loose cabinet doors by tightening hinge screws. A quick turn with a screwdriver can make a big difference.
  • Repairing a Running Toilet: Stop a running toilet with a few simple adjustments inside the tank. A DIY fix to save water and reduce noise.

leaking sink faucet

Seasonal Home Maintenance Checklist

  • Spring: Check roof tiles, clean windows and service your AC unit.
  • Summer: Clean decks/patios, inspect plumbing and check sprinklers.
  • Fall: Prepare heating systems, clean gutters and inspect insulation.
  • Winter: Check seals on windows and doors and inspect the fireplace and chimney.

Preventative Maintenance Tips

Regular checks can prevent more significant issues. Inspect your home regularly for leaks, cracks, and wear and tear. Early detection is key to avoiding costly repairs.

  • Annual Roof Inspection: Ensure the longevity of your roof with yearly inspections. Look for missing or damaged shingles, potential leaks, or loose materials. Addressing these issues early can prevent costly water damage and extend the life of your roof.
  • Checking and Cleaning Dryer Vents: Prevent fire hazards and enhance dryer efficiency by regularly cleaning out lint from the vents. A clogged dryer vent can significantly increase the fire risk and reduce your dryer’s effectiveness.
  • Testing and Servicing Major Appliances: Extend the life of your major appliances with annual servicing. Regular checks can identify issues early, ensuring they run efficiently and saving on energy costs.

Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

  • Screwdrivers (Flathead and Phillips): Necessary for various tasks, from tightening cabinet hinges to assembling furniture. A set with various sizes is ideal.
  • Tape Measure: Essential for accurate measurement for everything from hanging pictures to remodeling projects. A 25-foot measure is versatile for most tasks.
  • Pliers (Needle-nose and Adjustable): Useful for gripping, bending, and cutting wire. Needle-nose pliers are great for reaching into tight spaces.
  • Wrench Set (Adjustable and Allen Wrenches): Tightening and loosening bolts are needed. An adjustable wrench and a set of Allen wrenches will cover most sizes.
  • Power Drill and Drill Bits: A cordless drill is handy for various tasks, from drilling holes to driving screws. A set of drill bits for different materials is essential.
  • Level: Crucial for ensuring that shelves, frames, and other installations are horizontal or vertical.
  • Utility Knife: Handy for opening boxes, cutting through rope, or trimming wallpaper. Replaceable blades ensure it’s always sharp.
  • Stud Finder: Vital for locating framing studs behind the wall surface, especially when hanging heavy items like televisions or shelving.
  • Plunger and Drain Snake: Essential for unclogging toilets and drains, a must-have for quick fixes to common plumbing issues.

set of tools on a table

When to Call a Professional

Complex electrical work, major plumbing issues or structural changes often require professional expertise. Knowing when to call in a professional can save time and ensure safety.

Keeping a Maintenance Record

Maintain a log of all maintenance and repairs. This record is invaluable for tracking tasks and planning future maintenance, ensuring nothing is overlooked.

Energy Efficiency and Home Care

Maintain an energy-efficient home by checking insulation, ensuring windows and doors are sealed properly, and using efficient lighting. This not only saves energy but also reduces costs.

In your new home, like those at Dawson Place, initial maintenance needs are minimal, thanks to superior construction and modern design. However, understanding basic home care is essential for any homeowner. As time passes, even well-built homes require upkeep. This guide equips you with the knowledge and tools for future maintenance, ensuring your home remains a source of pride and comfort. Remember, being prepared is vital to preserving the value and enjoyment of your home for years to come. For more information or inquiries about our new home communities, contact McArthur Homes. We’re here to help you make the most of your home-owning journey.

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