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SLC in the Fall

Salt Lake City in the Fall: Must-Visit Spots and Activities

September 19, 2023

Ah, the allure of Salt Lake City during the vibrant fall season! Picture the cool breeze brushing against your skin, set against a backdrop of gold, orange, and crimson hues. Soon, residents of the upcoming Dawson Place by McArthur Homes will have this autumnal wonder right outside their door, with all of Salt Lake City’s seasonal attractions conveniently nearby.

Red Butte Garden: Autumn’s Vivid Canvas

As the leaves turn and the temperature cools, there’s no place quite like the Red Butte Garden to bask in autumn’s glory. This garden becomes a living painting, brimming with dazzling hues and breathtaking fall displays. And, for those who adore fall-themed events, the garden never disappoints.

Boo at The Zoo: A Family’s Night Out with Lights & Frights

Set in the renowned Hogle Zoo, BooLights is the perfect family destination. Offering a blend of themed light displays, Halloween-inspired animal entertainment and a range of activities, including a scavenger hunt, it ensures fun for all ages. And for those who appreciate sensory-friendly events, the BooLights Neurodiversity Celebration caters to everyone.

Big Cottonwood Canyon: A Drive Through Golden Wonderland

Take a scenic drive through Big Cottonwood Canyon and let nature sweep you off your feet. The golden aspen trees stand tall, their leaves rustling in the wind, while the crisp mountain air fills your lungs, rejuvenating your spirit.

Big Cottonwood Canyon

Salt Lake City Farmer’s Market: Fall’s Flavorful Palette

With fall comes a rich bounty of fresh produce and artisanal goods. The Salt Lake City Farmer’s Market offers not just flavors but an experience. As you pick up a juicy apple or a hand-crafted piece of pottery, there’s the added joy of knowing you’re supporting the heartbeat of the city – its local businesses.

A Basket Of Fruits and Vegetables

Capitol Hill: History with a View

Perched above the city, Capitol Hill isn’t just a place of historical significance. From here, you’re granted panoramic views of Salt Lake City, dressed in its autumn finery. It’s a vista that promises new discoveries with each visit.

Utah state Capitol Building

Oktoberfest at Snowbird: Cultural Festivity in the Mountains

When the mountain air carries the rich aroma of bratwurst and the sound of lively polka music, it’s time for Oktoberfest at Snowbird. This annual fest is a delightful blend of German culture, joyous music and delectable food – a tradition not to be missed!

Woman Standing in a Crowd Holding Up Beer Glass at Oktoberfest

Liberty Park: Serenity Amidst the Colors

There’s something incredibly calming about Liberty Park in the fall. The leaves crunch underfoot as you take a leisurely walk, and the option of paddle boating offers a unique way to experience the park’s tranquil ambiance.

Leaves falling in the Autumn

Haunted Tours: A Glimpse into the Eerie Side

As Halloween approaches, delve into the mysterious side of Salt Lake City. From tales of old buildings with lingering spirits to guided tours that unravel dark secrets, these haunted spots have an eerie yet enticing allure.

Embracing the magic of Salt Lake City in the fall is like wrapping yourself in a cozy blanket with a cup of warm apple cider in hand. Living centrally means all these wonders are moments away, waiting to be explored and cherished.

We invite you to explore Dawson Place by McArthur Homes, where the seasonal wonders of Salt Lake City aren’t just close – they’re home. Ready to make the magic your everyday reality? Contact McArthur Homes now and embark on a life surrounded by nature’s beauty.

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This post was written by Paige Giles

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