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How to Personalize Your New Home

How to Personalize Your New Home Without Breaking the Bank

June 20, 2023

Moving into a new home is like turning to a fresh page in a book; you have the freedom to create a unique story that reflects your personality and style. But, the process of personalizing your home can sometimes feel daunting, especially when keeping an eye on the budget. It’s easy to assume that creating a custom look requires a significant investment. However, this is only sometimes the case. You can transform your new house into a warm and welcoming home without breaking the bank with a dash of creativity, a touch of DIY spirit and a clear vision. So, let’s explore some practical and affordable ways to add a personal touch to your new space.

Get Creative with Color

One of the simplest ways of personalizing your home is by playing with colors. Paint is relatively inexpensive, and it can transform your space significantly. From warm and inviting to cool and calm, the choice of color can convey your personality in any room. Remember, color doesn’t only have to be on the walls. Consider painting furniture or adding colorful accents like throw pillows and artwork for an affordable style boost.

Paint Brushes with Different Colors

Do It Yourself

Roll up your sleeves and embrace the power of DIY. With just a little time and effort, you can create bespoke pieces that will make your home unique. It could be anything from making your own banquette for your dining area or installing a custom accent wall. There are countless online tutorials available that can help you get started on your DIY journey. Plus, engaging the whole family in a creative activity can be fun.

Love What You Already Have

Only some things in your new home have to be brand new. Embrace the charm of the old by refurbishing what you already have. Refinishing a wooden dining set or reupholstering an armchair can breathe new life into your existing furnishings, making your space feel more like your own while saving you money.

The master bed in a home built by McArthur Homes

Bring the Outside In

Nature has a way of making a space feel fresh and vibrant. Adding indoor plants to your decor is an economical way of personalizing your home. It doesn’t matter whether you have a green thumb or not; there are numerous hardy plant species that require minimal maintenance. And if indoor plants aren’t your thing, consider botanical prints or nature-inspired decor as an alternative.

Personal Touches Go a Long Way

Simple personal touches can make a significant impact in making your house feel like a home. It could be family photos beautifully arranged on a feature wall, cherished heirlooms displayed in the living room or even your kids’ artwork framed and hung in their rooms. These elements bring out your personality and make the home truly yours.

A Personalized Home Awaits with McArthur Homes

We at McArthur Homes understand the desire to make a house your home. That’s why we build with your family’s needs in mind. With our new community, Dawson Place, coming to Salt Lake City, we’re inviting you to bring your dreams to life in a unique way without the financial strain.

McArthur Homes Dawson Place family room with couch and tv

Whether you’re starting with a blank canvas in a new construction or looking to refresh an existing space, you don’t have to break the bank to create a home that feels undeniably “you.” Make your home your canvas, and let your personality shine through without stretching your wallet. Explore our new community at Dawson Place and envision the endless possibilities for personalizing your home with McArthur Homes.

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This post was written by Paige Giles

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