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The Importance of Energy-Efficient Homes in Utah’s Changing Climate

February 28, 2023

Energy-efficient homes are all the rage these days, and why not? Using these types of homes can be highly beneficial, especially for those in states like Utah, where the climate is constantly changing. When it comes to these environmentally-friendly homes, we at McArthur Homes take great pride in making them available for our customers. However, for many of you, it may be a relatively foreign concept, as many of you wonder what makes them so unique. To give you an idea of what you’re possibly getting yourself into, here are some reasons why the importance of energy-efficient homes in Utah’s changing climate has never been higher.

They Are More Cost-Efficient

No matter where you are, money is a language we all speak, and saving it is a practice we all like to partake in. Utah’s ever-changing climate puts heating and cooling bills to the test, and no matter how hot or cold it gets outside, you can always count on two things with energy-efficient homes. You can count on the fact that you’ll live comfortably at the ideal temperature and your bill will always be low. On top of that, you’ll find that your electric and water bills will also be low thanks to the appliances equipped with many energy-efficient homes.

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They Are Environmentally Friendly

You usually have to deal with the most extreme temperatures in Utah because you practically live in a desert. So when it comes to the climate, why would you want to make it any worse with air pollution or greenhouse gases? Show some love for your beautiful state by living in a more energy-efficient home that takes advantage of the environment rather than destroying it. It takes all of us to reduce climate change and we can start by investing in more energy-efficient homes.

They Save on Water Usage

2,000. That is the number of beautiful lakes that the great state of Utah proudly boasts. To keep them around for generations, we need to ensure that we’re doing our part not to suck all of the water out of them. That is why some homes feature energy-efficient products designed to help save on water usage. Thanks to the use of energy-efficient washers, faucets, showers and toilets, you will help curb the amount of water used, which means that you’ll be saving and preserving the gorgeous lakes of the Beehive State. Your kids and grandkids will thank you as they fish for the 8 million fish that populate Utah’s lakes and rivers.

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They Make Utah a Healthier Place to Live

Believe it or not, there is a link between our homes and our health. Most homes these days are powered by fossil fuels. These fuels can infiltrate our air and cause many circulatory, respiratory and nervous system problems. With the use of energy-efficient homes, we can drastically reduce the amount of fossil fuels our homes release into the air, ensuring that everyone who lives here can take a breath of relief knowing they’re breathing in cleaner air.

Energy-efficient homes are an excellent investment for you and your family as they can not only help you financially but also help you live more comfortably and healthily. As the premier home builders in Utah, at McArthur Homes, we pride ourselves on making energy-efficient homes readily available for our customers. We have built quality new homes in Utah since 1993. Family-owned and operated, McArthur Homes specializes in providing new affordable homes and townhomes to Utah families in beautiful, master-planned neighborhoods. Building your new home is one of the most important decisions you will ever make, so let us show you what decades of experience can do! Feel free to contact us today!

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This post was written by Paige Giles

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