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3 Simple Tips for Selling Your Home in 2024

January 13, 2023

So you’re going to be moving into a new home? While this may be great news, it can also stir up a lot of stress and anxiety, especially if you need to move in a hurry. One of the most challenging aspects of moving is selling your old home. So if you’re thinking to yourself, “gosh, I have no idea what to do,” you’ve come to the right place! Here are three great tips to keep in mind when selling your home, so you can quickly move into your new one!

Think About the Time of the Year

Believe it or not, seasons play a huge role in putting your house up on the market. Your property value could vary depending on the time of year. Why do you ask? Let’s take a look at each season and see why.


Spring is a prime season for selling a home. It’s because the weather is getting a bit nicer (unless it’s early spring, in that case, there might still be mounds of wet snow on the ground, and it’ll not be very nice), and people start to emerge from their caves. However, since it is a popular time to sell, you might face high competition, making it difficult to sell your home. You can sell your home quickly during this timeframe by ensuring a fair price and a great look.


Summer isn’t usually the best time of year to sell. The reason it’s tough to sell during this time is generally due to the heat that keeps people indoors in the cool AC, as well as it being prime vacation season. Yes, your home’s value will increase due to the lack of competitors on the market but expect a longer time when it comes to selling.


While spring is a popular choice when it comes to selling seasons, consider the fall to be an extremely underrated season. Jobs are starting to become occupied, and people need homes nearby. Not to mention the scenery that the leaves and crisp air can create when it comes to the look and feel of your home.


Alright, let’s get the bad part out of the way. It’s cold and dreary outside, so people will not want to go out of their warm and cozy homes to look for a new one. Add on the fact that the holiday season occurs around this time, and you’ll find that it may take time to sell quickly. But, much like summer, the value of your home may go up, and, depending on the look and feel of your home, you could use the snowy outdoor aesthetic to your home’s advantage.

Realtor Showing A Couple Around A Home

Start the Process of Selling

Okay, so you know a few facts about the time of year. It’s time to get down to business. There are quite a few things that you need to do to get the ball rolling on the process of selling your home, so here are a few things to keep in mind:

Pick the Right Real Estate Agent

Choosing not just any experienced real estate agent but the right one to help market your property can be a game changer. Realtors are a great help when selling your home in a hurry.

Making Sure the Price is Right

This has nothing to do with showcase showdowns. When pricing your home, ensure it is at or below the value. It sounds weird, but not only will you start getting offers right away, but you may end up starting a bidding war, which would be a good thing for you.

Invest in Professional Photography

People these days are glued to their phones, laptops or tablets, which means you’ll find many potential home buyers wanting to look at potential homes through their devices. Providing bidders with high-quality images that they can see can make a huge difference. You can hire a professional or even utilize the help of a friend with an excellent eye for photography.

Set Up Staging

Before you even think about conducting open houses, it would be helpful to set up a staging. By hiring someone (professional or not), you’ll be able to make sure your home is well-presented and, if it’s not up to par, be given tips on how to make it look more appealing.

Spraying Water on Laminate Floor

Prep Your Home for Sale

Okay, here’s the part that may make some of you groan with agony. You’ll have to roll up your sleeves and do some work yourself. But by following these easy and money-saving tips, you’ll be able to ensure that you sell your home quickly.


Cleaning your home is needed when it comes to the presentation of your home. Simple.


Buyers want to ensure every tiny detail of the home is in good condition. By de-cluttering your home, your potential bidders won’t be distracted by things like that random bobblehead collection you have in the basement.

Touch Up

Whether it’s a loose nail on the hardwood flooring or a chip in the paint in the bedroom, going around your home to ensure every little nook and cranny is touched up can make all the difference in the world.

Make Repairs

When someone comes to look at your home, the last thing they want to see is a crack in the foundation or missing shingles from the roof.

Improve Curb Appeal

First impressions are significant. That’s why when the first thing a buyer sees is the home’s exterior, you better make sure that the first impression your home will leave on them is a darn good one. Cut your lawn, pull weeds or spruce up that garden in the front.

These are just a few tips for selling your home. As far as buying a new home is concerned, consider using us. As the top home builders in Utah County, we know that building your new home is one of the most important decisions you will ever make, so let us show you what more than two decades of experience can do by contacting us today!

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