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The Most Simple Change of Address Checklist

The Most Simple Change of Address Checklist

October 21, 2022

Moving can sometimes be a hassle. Between packing up your belongings, finding a new place to live and changing your addresses on everything, it’s no wonder that so many people put it off for as long as possible. But did you know that you can make the process a lot easier on yourself by using a change of address checklist? This blog post will provide you with everything you need to know about changing your address. We’ll discuss what needs to be changed and how to change it so you can have a smooth transition into your new home!

Update Your Address

This is an easy process made possible through the United States Postal Service website. Go to www.usps.com/changeofaddress and fill out the form. This portal also allows you to register to vote along with several other moving-related services. While updating your address, you can also register your new address with the Utah DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles), which is required of new residents within ten days of arrival in the State of Utah. This will help you establish residency, which carries many benefits for new arrivals. The law states that a person is considered a resident after spending 183 days or six months out of a 12-month period in the state of Utah.

Change of Address Pile of Mail

Transfer Your Accounts

If you prefer to bank with credit unions or a smaller, locally owned institution, you will need to research banks in the area of Utah you are moving to and choose a business that aligns with your standards. Then, you will need to transfer your funds to the new bank before closing out all of your accounts. Suppose you bank with a nationally-established chain of banks. In that case, you will need to find the local branch in Utah and inform them of when you will be moving and your new address while verifying and updating the rest of the contact information on the account.

Set Up Utilities

Once you have found an ideal residential property, you’ll want to contact local companies and have your power, gas, water, phone and internet hooked up. Before you embark on your move, making these arrangements a week or so ahead of time is essential, as some services can take a few days to be initiated due to high demand.

Print Out Your Paperwork

This step is an additional measure should you need to show proof of insurance or provide your car registration. If you must do so, having hard copies on hand is an intelligent strategy in case your phone battery is running low or you can’t get online. You also may want to make copies of everyone in the family’s birth certificates and ID cards.

Printed Paperwork Next to a Cup of Coffee

Notify Schools and Providers

Make sure to update any providers with access to your family information. This includes schools, daycares and churches as well as attorney’s firms or health practitioners (physicians). If you own pets – notify their vet! Health, dental, life, auto, disability and homeowner’s insurance are examples of the types of insurance you should also update.

Update Memberships and Subscriptions

You don’t want to get too comfortable in your new home only to realize you forgot to update necessary subscriptions. Make sure to take care of this by updating all memberships that you may have linked accounts, including retail club cards, online delivery subscriptions (Amazon, eBay), streaming services (Netflix, HBO), newspapers, magazines and subscription boxes.

Notify Friends & Family

Last but not least, of course, don’t forget to inform your friends and family of your address change. This can quickly be done through a change of address card, by updating your contact information online or by just a simple text or phone call.

Person Calling Family to Tell Them About Change of Address

Though it may seem daunting initially, moving to a new place can be exciting. With a simple change of address checklist on hand, you can rest assured that you won’t forget any critical steps in the process. And when you’re ready to find your perfect home in Utah County, McArthur Homes will be here waiting for you. Our team would love to help you tour our beautiful homes and answer any questions you may have. So don’t hesitate to reach out – we can’t wait to welcome you home!

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This post was written by Paige Giles

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