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2023 Interior Design Trends

The Top Eight Interior Design Trends for 2023

August 18, 2022

Although the New Year is still several months away, exciting new design trends for 2023 are already popping up everywhere. If you’re shopping for home builders in Utah and thinking about what the interior of your new house is going to look like, here are some of the top approaches to smart, creative decor for your living spaces.

Shape it Up

The use of geometric shapes such as triangles, circles and squares can make for eye-catching wall designs while adding background character to popular areas. Tapestries and paintings featuring this motif can help make a living room wall come alive while three-dimensional shapes such as spherical rice paper light shades and pyramid-shaped decorative accessories can add depth to your living room and dining room spaces.

Cook in Comfort

Creating cozy kitchens is also among the top interior design trends of 2023. Warm, soft tones in the paint color scheme can promote a relaxed environment for those who love preparing family meals. Strategically placed plants on windowsills out-of-the-way and from ceiling hooks can produce an air of tranquility for maximum enjoyment of the most popular room in the house.

Kitchen With Brick Wall

Feel Free

Interior spaces which are free of clutter and unnecessary furniture are increasingly popular. With the advent of remote work, more people are spending their days at home, and it is becoming a well-known fact that productivity increases when there are fewer distractions. Choose chairs, tables and couches that are intended for daily use and skip the lampstands, footrests and end tables crammed with picture frames that only serve to make a space feel disorganized.

Make it Yours

Many homeowners choose interior decor which reflects their personality. When personalizing your home, let your tastes guide you and go for color schemes that use your favorite hues as subtle accents rather than the main color. Adorn the walls with works by your favorite artists, family photos, and framed posters from memorable events. If you have inherited a beloved family treasure such as a coffee table, couch, loveseat or piano, feature it prominently and build around it with elements that harmonize with color and style.

Let it Shine

Natural light is a trend that never seems to go out of style. A great way to harness sunlight with a bit of flair is installing translucent curtains in your favorite lavender, blue and green shades. Technologically inclined designers can achieve the same effect by installing smart glass in every window which can be tinted to varying degrees via remote control. This approach can deliver a playful yet subtle splash of daytime light wherever and whenever you choose. This strategy can also help warm up your home on winter days while reducing heating bills.

Living Room With Lots of Natural Light

Get Smart

Smart technology can now be applied to every electronically and alternatively powered home feature. Your smart glass, security, fire alarm, air conditioning, heating, appliances, wifi and entertainment systems can all be connected through the Internet of Things (IoT) and controlled from anywhere via a smartphone app.

Mix it Around

If you tend to champion many different modes of design and decor, consider taking an eclectic approach and mixing your favorite styles together. Some call this Nomadic Bohemian and can involve the blending of cultures from across the globe within the walls of your home. You can start at the floor with Navajo-design rugs, build your way up with antique American vintage furniture and branch out onto the walls with art from your favorite eras of history.

Warm it Up

Deeper shades of maroon, aqua and any earth-toned hue are great for your study, family room, entertainment den or home office. This approach can provide an extra element of relaxation and enjoyment – especially during the cooler months. You can build off this choice with furniture and trim with natural stone and wood accents to create a soothing, inviting, pleasant environment.

Embracing the upcoming interior decor trends is a great way to enjoy your new home to the fullest. Contact us for more information about townhomes that are ready for your personal sense of design, taste and style.

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This post was written by Paige Giles

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