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Energy Saving Tips for Summertime

Energy Saving Tips for Summer in Utah

April 25, 2022

The summer sunshine is fantastic for outdoor fun and adventure, but keeping your home’s interior cool and relaxing is also essential. There are many easy ways for owners of new homes in Utah County to minimize utility bills while enjoying the warmer months. The professionals at McArthur Homes have put together a list of seven straightforward summer energy saving tips.

These simple steps take just a few minutes and can significantly affect how much energy is used, which can help reduce your carbon footprint while simultaneously saving you money.

Clean or Replace AC Filters

Man Replacing Air Filter in New Home

Air conditioning systems can gather dust and debris while cooling the house. When you vacuum out the vents every spring, you can be assured the AC unit is running at maximum efficiency by having no blockages to airflow. Replacing the air intake filters every year can also ensure the appliance uses minimal energy as it generates cool air for the house. In addition, consider organizing your furniture so that the vents are not blocked, which allows for a direct airflow from the AC.

Use Fans to Circulate the Air

A great way to enjoy temperature-treated air is to use fans to help cool essential places like the kitchen, dining room and family room. You can set the thermostat to an optimal level while every gust of cool air is aimed where you and your family spend your time in the home.

Shade the Thermostat

The heat from windows and light fixtures can cause the air conditioner to run when it does not need to. If the thermostat is near appliances creating extra heat or windows, consider unplugging the device if you are able or shutting the blinds during daytime hours. Maintaining an energy saving temperature for summer can significantly reduce your utility bills.

Check Your Thermostat

Programable Thermostat With the Temperature Set to 63 Degrees

One of the easiest energy-saving tips for summer is knowing how to set your thermostat so that the AC does not run while you are away. You can purchase thermostats with smart technology that allows you to control your thermostat anywhere! Using a smartphone app, you can turn the air conditioner off as you leave and turn it back on just before you return. Daily efficiency can amount to significant savings throughout the summertime.

Close the Blinds

As the summertime sun shines and sets in Utah, the southern and western-facing windows can have direct exposure. If you close the blinds, you can be assured those walls reflect the heat rather than absorb it. This way, your air conditioner does not have to work overtime. Also, by working with the top builder of new houses in UTMcArthur Homes – you can be assured that every window is installed with an airtight seal so that all temperature-treated air is kept inside.

Unplug Things You Aren’t Using

Wall fixtures for appliances, lamps and other amenities can emit unused energy. This can be easily prevented by simply unplugging the coffee maker and the television when they are not in use. The same can be done with light fixtures by manually turning off the wall switch or using a smartphone or tablet if you have smart plugs. These can include toggle switches, dimmer dials, track lighting controls, etc.

Cook and Wash Clothes at Different Times

You can conserve energy by choosing early mornings or evenings for running the dishwasher or doing the laundry. Modern appliances, while highly efficient, can run with less energy during cooler hours. Let the air conditioner be the only appliance running while the sun is up, and schedule your other household duties when it is cool outside. Also, cooking during the day can cause the air conditioner to run while the stove is on. By simply preparing meals ahead of time and firing up the stove as the sun goes down, you can save energy by running just one major appliance at a time.

Saving energy during the summer months is easy with a few simple steps. By following some of the tips we’ve outlined in this blog post, you can save yourself time and money while keeping your home comfortable. Contact us today to learn more about our energy-efficient homes here in Utah County – we promise you won’t be disappointed! In the meantime, try implementing some of these tips to start saving money right away.

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This post was written by Paige Giles

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