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Home Office In Your Flex Room As a Functional Space

Ways to Turn Your Flex Room Into a Functional Space

February 7, 2022

Are you unsure of what to do with your flex room or extra space in your home? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! A flex room can be used for a variety of purposes, but it can be tricky to figure out what will work best for your needs. The expert home designers and builders at McArthur Homes have some ideas and inspiration for how to turn your flex room into a functional space! Whether you’re looking for an office, a playroom, or just some extra storage space, we’ve got you covered.

What is a Flex Room in a Home?

A flex room is a space in your home that can serve more than one purpose. It’s an unused bedroom, garage, extra living area or even the basement–you decide what to do with a flex room! Flex rooms are great for homeowners who don’t have a specific use in mind or want to change up the flex room’s purpose over time. The possibilities are endless when considering how much creativity you can use to customize one special location.

Flex Space Flex Room Ideas

With a little time and creativity, you can turn your flex living space into your favorite room in the house. The possibilities are nearly neverending – think about what rooms are next door? How much floor area does it have for guests? Would it be something private? Would its location be ideal with quiet work? There is really no such thing as too many options. Check out a few of the ideas that we have for a flex room that can improve your home.

Entertainment Room

A flex room can easily become a home entertainment area. Many people enjoy the idea of having a home theater. You don’t need to have a huge space to make this work. Dark walls and good control of the ambient light are key to a good entertainment experience. You might also want to consider acoustic panels or treatments to control sound reflections.

Home Office

Iris bedroom office from McArthur Homes.

If you work from home, a flex room can be the perfect office space. You’ll need plenty of storage for your files and supplies, as well as a comfortable place to sit and work. A desk is a must, but you may also want to think about adding a table or couch for extra seating.


If you have children, flex rooms are perfect for a playroom. You can keep all of their toys and games out of the way in one centralized room, making clean-up easy. Add some bean bag chairs or floor pillows to make it comfortable for them to hang out on the floor when they’re not playing with their toys.

Virtual Learning Space for Kids

Child Learning on iPad Virtually at Home

A flex room can also double as a virtual learning space for kids. You can set up a desk and computer for them to use, as well as some shelves or cabinets to store their school supplies. This is a great option if you don’t have a dedicated study area in your home. Just make sure that your internet connection is strong and reliable in this room. Without good internet access, many virtual learning activities are not possible.

Bonus Room Bar

The perfect place to have a cocktail party is your flex room! Create an island with bar stools and plenty of storage space for spirits, glassware, or whatever else you need. Throw in some TVs so everyone can watch the big game while they enjoy their favorite drink. This is a great space to entertain guests, and it will keep the mess out of your living room or kitchen.

Temporary Guest Bedroom

Bedroom in a new home from McArthur Homes.

If you have friends or family members who need a place to stay, flex rooms can easily become guest bedrooms. Add a bed, some dressers and nightstands, and maybe a small table for drinks or snacks. Also, consider a futon or daybed for a great space-saving seating area that can easily be turned into a sleeping spot for guests. You’ll be glad to have the extra sleeping space when guests come to town.

Game Room

A flex room can make a fantastic game room. If you’ve got a lot of space then games like pool, foosball or darts can be an option. A board and card game configuration is a bit simpler and requires less room; all you need is a good card table and some bins to store your games and cards. If you are more into video games consider a TV and some comfy furniture. No matter what type of games you enjoy, a room for them is an excellent idea.

Hobby or Craft Room

Craft Area in a New McArthur Home

Do you like to sew, knit, or quilt? How about painting or stained glass? If you have a flex room and some extra space, it can easily become your very own hobby or craft room. This is the perfect place to set up your worktable and all of your supplies. You’ll be able to work on your projects in peace and quiet, without having to worry about making a mess in the rest of your house.

Workout Room

A flex room is also a great place to set up your home gym. With some free weights, a yoga mat, cardio equipment like a bike or treadmill, you can create the perfect home gym that has a free membership! Adding some rubber mats under cardio equipment or weights will prevent damage to your floors. Also, consider bright lighting and colors to give the room an energetic feel.

Music Room

A flex room can make an excellent music room if you’re a musician. You’ll need some space for your instruments and amps, of course, but you may also want to add in some comfortable seating so you can relax while you practice. A nice bonus is that if you have any friends who are also musicians, they’ll be able to come over and play with you in your very own music room.

There Are Countless Ways to Use The Flex Space in Your Home

As you can see, there are many different ways to use a flex room in your home. It’s the perfect space for anything from an office to a game room. So don’t be afraid to get creative and think outside the box when it comes to using your flex space. You’ll be surprised at just how versatile it can be. With flex room space in our new homes throughout Utah County, you can customize the space to suit any purpose. Contact McArthur Homes today to learn more and schedule a tour.

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This post was written by Paige Giles

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