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5 Not-So-Obvious Reasons to Choose a New Construction Home

December 28, 2021

We all know the very obvious reasons why many homebuyers choose to purchase a brand new construction home rather than buying an older home. People often say that these homes are easier to maintain, have newer materials, and can be customized. But there are also less obvious benefits as well!

McArthur Homes has been building new construction homes in the Utah County region for over two decades and explains some of the hidden benefits of buying a new home that you may have never thought about.

A New Home Means More Electrical Outlets

Electrical Plug In A New Home McArthur Homes in Utah

Homes that were built in the 1960s and earlier had a different set of wiring than what we have today. Builders could not anticipate how people would use their homes with high definition TVs, DVRs or computers- so they did not make any adjustments for these new technologies which require more electricity consumption! Newer construction is meant to accommodate advanced gadgetry.

McArthur designs homes with the needs of today’s families in mind, which means that you can safely operate that new wine refrigerator and Christmas lights, all while still being able to charge your laptop.

You Are Part of a Brand New Home Community

The first hidden benefit is that you are a part of a brand new home community. Many people choose to build in an established neighborhood, but those who buy from McArthur Homes have the opportunity to be one of the very first homeowners on their street! When families move into a new community at the same time, they often form lasting bonds of friendship and neighborliness right away. You can help build up your local area and watch as more homes go up around you.

Make Entertaining Easier in a New Home

New homes are designed with open spaces that flow into each other more easily. You can still interact while preparing dinner, and enjoy conversation without feeling closed off in your new home! In a new home with an open floorplan, you can host large gatherings and the new homes in Lehi Utah allow for even more room to spread out! The spaciousness often feels enhanced by higher ceilings or windows bringing light inside instead of older homes which tend to have low ceilings making them feel dark at night.

Newly Constructed Homes Offer More Privacy

Another benefit of building with McArthur Homes is privacy. Most older neighborhoods were built before people had security cameras installed on their front porches or alarm systems- so older homes often have lower walls, which means that your neighbors can see into your windows. New construction is built with higher walls or fences out front to create a sense of privacy for homeowners.

New Homes are More Energy Efficient Than Older Homes

New Home Energy Efficiency Chart

Not such a hidden fact, but new homes are more energy-efficient than older homes. This benefit can save you money on your utility bills over time and help the environment too! The insulation, windows and heating and cooling systems in a new home are all designed to work together efficiently.

Older homes have had their insulation replaced several times, so it is not as effective as it was when the home was first built. Windows may be single pane or cracked, and the heating and cooling system might be outdated or improperly sized for the home. All of these factors lead to increased energy consumption and higher utility bills.

A New Home Gives You A Fresh Start

It is no secret that many people view buying a new home as the start of a fresh new beginning. You can choose your own colors, finishes and decor to give your home your very own personal touch. Moving into a brand new home means you don’t have to worry about any repairs or outdated features- it is all ready for you to enjoy!

If you are considering buying new construction in Lehi Utah, McArthur Homes builds the best new homes in the area! With customizable options and energy-efficient features, our homes are perfect for today’s families. Contact us online or call us today to learn more!

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This post was written by Paige Giles

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