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Why New Construction Homes are Actually Cheaper

December 2, 2021

Buying a new construction home can sometimes be a little more expensive upfront compared to buying an older home, but it has many benefits that will actually make a new construction home cheaper in the long run. A new construction home will be built with energy-efficient features such as double-paned windows and insulation. This means lower heating and cooling bills in the long run because you won’t need to spend money on replacing or repairing old air conditioners or furnaces. New homes also don’t require any repairs like fixing leaks, painting rooms, installing carpet, and other jobs homeowners often take on themselves. Lastly, there’s something special about owning a brand new house – why not start your mortgage payments off by investing in your future? Let the premier new home builders in the Utah County region explain why a new construction home is ultimately more affordable.

A New Home Means Fewer Repairs

When you buy an older home, you have to update it with new fixtures. Many homeowners don’t want to move into a house without enough room for their current furniture or appliances they already own. You could also run into issues because of things like chipping paint that need replacing or a door that doesn’t lock anymore. When you buy a new construction home, everything will be brand new and ready to go right away – why settle for less?

New Construction Homes are Energy Efficient

New Home Energy Efficiency Chart

When you buy a new construction home, you’re buying the latest trends in energy efficiency. New homes are built to save homeowners money on bills because of features like double-paned windows and insulation. These don’t just help your monthly heating and cooling bill, but they also help reduce noise from outside that can be bothersome for some people.

Less Maintenance for New Construction Homes

One of the biggest pros of buying a new home in Lehi Utah is that it doesn’t require too much maintenance because it’s so new. New homes aren’t going to have leaks, so there’s no need for fixing roof tiles or replacing gutters. There also isn’t any need to paint, install carpet, or do other jobs homeowners do themselves after moving into an older house.

New Homes Come With Warranties

When you buy a new construction home, they come with warranties that can save you money in the long run if anything goes wrong. If something happens with your appliances or plumbing, for example, most homeowners just need to contact a local contractor and get things fixed ASAP rather than taking time out of their day to find the right parts and fix the problem themselves.

You’re Investing in Your Future by Buying a New Construction Home

Realtor Showing Couple a New Home in Utah

The biggest reason why buying a new home is more expensive upfront than other options is because you are investing in your future. While other homes might cost less each month, the repairs and maintenance needed can be expensive. When you buy a new construction home, everything is brand new from the appliances to the lighting fixtures. These features will last much longer new than used.

Find the Best New Homes in the Lehi, UT Area

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This post was written by Paige Giles

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