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Easy Tips on How to Get More Natural Light in Any Room of Your Home

November 29, 2021

People are always looking to make their homes feel more alive, and adding natural light is one way that can happen. Not only will you have a greater sense of well-being in your own space, but it also just feels good overall when everything around us feels brighter! Homes today list an abundance of natural light as one feature home buyers want in new construction homes in Utah County – so there’s no shortage on how much this trend has grown over recent years.

There are many benefits to maximizing the amount of natural light in your home. The expert new home builders in Utah, McArthur Homes, explain a few extremely simple ways you can increase the natural light in any room of your house.

Use Mirrors to Reflect Natural Light

Potted Plant Next To Mirror On Table in McArthur Home in Utah

If you have a choice of a room’s position, try to avoid rooms that face north or east. These rooms will usually feel a bit darker because they have no light coming in from the window during the day. Rooms facing south, west, and some rooms facing northeast do offer good natural lighting as long as there is no obstruction. Use mirrors as a way to direct more natural light into those darker areas of your house! Essentially you’ll be creating windows in places where windows can’t exist – but this trick works wonders for bringing more natural light deep within your home.

Choose the Right Paint

Not all colors reflect light the same way. Some paint colors increase this effect of darkness or brightness, while darker colors like black or dark blue tend to absorb ambient light better than lighter colors like white or yellow. Darker paints also usually help you get more use out of your energy bill by keeping rooms less warm in the summer months! This is a good reason for choosing darker paint if you have no other option but to face north or east. If you do have a choice, however, go with lighter colors that are known to reflect more sunlight into your home.

Cleaning Your Windows Can Help Increase Natural Light

Dining Nook With Table with 4 Chairs Next to a Window

Keeping your windows clean can be an extremely easy way to let more light into the places that need it most in your home. Believe it or not, dirty windows can reduce the amount of natural light your home gets. Once you scrub those windows clean you’ll notice how much better natural light pours in during the daytime hours!

Furniture and Accessories that Reflect Light

All of the examples mentioned so far have been ways to use mirrors, paint colors, and clean your windows to bring more light into your home. But you can also go with furniture and accessories that reflect light as well. Natural wood is a great example of this because it has an organic coloration that reflects natural sunlight very well. Natural wood pieces such as tables or desks can help work as natural reflectors for any room! Replacing dark-colored furniture, rugs, lampshades, pillows, blankets or other decorative accents with versions in lighter colors can transform a dreary room into a bright, inspiring environment.

Trim Trees Shading Windows

Although this tip may not be so easy to implement, it’s worth taking into consideration. If you have trees growing near your house that are making the side of your home that faces them dark and shady all day – then consider trimming those trees or cutting down limbs to increase natural light in these places.

Find New Construction Homes in Utah County with Excellent Natural Lighting

We all know that natural light is good for our health and happiness, and It doesn’t take much effort on your end to improve! There are plenty of simple ways you can maximize the amount of light in your house without breaking a sweat or spending tons of money. If you are looking for a new home in the Lehi Utah area with maximum daylight exposure, contact us today! Or if you just need some tips now on how to maximize what little sunlight might make its way into those dark corners of your current home, we have got them too!

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This post was written by Paige Giles

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