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Top Interior Design & Decorating Trends to Look Out for in 2022

November 23, 2021

The onset of a new year is a great reason to update the look and feel of your house as well as the function of certain areas and the overall use of space.

An exciting batch of new interior design trends is on the horizon for 2022. Here are a few simple, practical ideas to consider as you improve your home’s interior to suit your tastes, lifestyle and needs.

Add Some Nature

Green Plants In White Ceramic Pots

If you happen to work from home, while you may not miss traffic, you might begin to miss having access to a variety of scenery. You can give your home an outdoor feel by choosing tables, chairs and picture frames with a natural wood finish and accenting interior trim such as handrails and baseboards with warm brown hues. This approach can be used with countertops as well by selecting granite, onyx or marble to compliment your themes in adjacent areas. Also, indoor plants such as ferns, aloe vera and peace lilies can give your home an extra layer of nature while improving relaxation and indoor air quality.

Make it Special

Designating certain areas and rooms for specific uses can help maximize the overall square footage of your home. If games and movies are popular, consider converting an upstairs loft, a basement rec room or an unclaimed bedroom as the official place for video entertainment. The same approach can be used for a home office or an in-home learning area. This way, shared spaces such as the kitchen, dining room and great room can stay clutter-free while the specially-appointed places can be self-contained areas. McArthur Homes offers new homes in the Lehi, UT area that are known for dynamic floor plans with plenty of extra rooms and areas which can be given a special purpose.

Soften the Walls

Your home’s paint scheme can have a lot to do with how well you enjoy your interior spaces. Lately, the trend has been moving more towards natural-looking, blended hues rather than bright, loud, primary colors. These softer, more subtle shades of green, blue, pink and off-white are being described as soothing, relaxing and ideal for the focus that is needed in working and learning spaces.

Clean it Up

If you put things away which are cluttering up the floors such as toys, shoes, jackets or scarves, you can create spaces where it is easier to concentrate. This is especially true in areas used for the home office and in-home learning. Also, in commonly used places, consider tidying up messy surfaces such as the kitchen table, countertops, bookshelves, the refrigerator door and that one wall with far too many pictures.

Open The Room More

Great Room With A Couch and Chair in New Home from McArthur

As you start straightening things up, consider removing pieces of furniture that do not get used such as mismatched chairs and uncomfortable couches. One thing that you can incorporate into your interior design in 2022 can be multifunctional pieces of furniture to store things when they are not being used. By doing this, you are opening up the family areas so there is more room to walk around and enjoy daily gatherings without feeling cramped. This will give your home a much larger feel. If you are shopping for new homes in the Utah County area, McArthur Homes is known for spacious indoor layouts which seamlessly connect high-traffic areas such as the kitchen, dining room, great room and living room.

Lighten it Up

Another popular interior design choice has been the movement towards lighter-toned flooring. Whether you prefer beige carpet, blonde (maple) hardwood, white tile, natural stone or luxury vinyl — this is a great way to brighten up your inside spaces. Also, a lighter floor tone reflects natural light streaming in from the windows as well as light from fixtures at nighttime. A brighter interior can help you focus when it is time to concentrate and relax when it is time for leisure.

It’s a new year and you might be thinking about updating your home with some fresh interior design or decorating ideas for 2022. Contact the experts at McArthur Homes to find out more information about our inventory of beautiful new homes in the Utah County area which will make it easy for anyone who loves interior design to put their personal touch on them!

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This post was written by Paige Giles

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