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Smart Home Overview of Things From Smarthome

Benefits of Smart Home Technology Explained

September 10, 2021

Just as smart technology revolutionized the telephone, it is having the same effect on residential properties. If you are shopping for new homes, now is a great time to learn about the many benefits of embracing digital innovation.

What is a Smart Home?

A smart home contains various electronic sensors which are connected to one central network that can be controlled from within the home using a smart hub, or remotely by using an app on your smartphone. This advancement presents opportunities for a superior home experience in the areas of security, safety, climate control, peace of mind, energy efficiency and general convenience.

But what are the benefits of using smart technology in your home? The new home experts at McArthur Homes can help explain.

Be Aware and Maximize Security

The top reason most homeowners use smart technology in their properties is for security. Doorbells, surveillance cameras, motion detectors, door locks and threshold sensors can all be connected to alert you when there is activity on the property, when your home has been approached or when the house has been entered — whether you are present or away. One possible custom feature is a special doorbell camera and speaker interface that can even allow you to converse with people who ring your doorbell while you are not at home.

Smart Home Door Locking With Smartphone

Keep Your Home Safe and Smart

Smart technology can also help make the home a safer place. For example, if an oven or appliance is accidentally left on, a notification can alert that it must be turned off. Similarly, air sensors can let you know if dangerous air quality is present in the home from CO2, smoke, natural gas or propane so that you can ventilate accordingly. There are also sensors which detect water leaks and freezing conditions so that you can avoid disasters by being aware of potential trouble before it starts.

Stay Comfortable and Save Energy

Cities in areas with seasonally variable climates (such as the mountain west region) can experience cold winters and hot summers. If you’re looking for new homes in Utah, you can plan on using smart technology to effectively heat and cool your home based on pre-set temperature preferences. If you are away for the day and heading home, you can use your app to remotely turn on the heat or to activate the air conditioning.

Programable Thermostat With the Temperature Set to 63 Degrees

Keep a Watchful Eye on Your Loved Ones

If you have an elderly relative, small children, a person with a disability living with you or even pets, a smart home can help you look after them even when you are away for the day. Cameras can let you know if they need assistance and a voice app can let you easily converse with them at any time. The same technology can also help you keep an eye on the children in the next room and let them know it is time for dinner without having to leave the kitchen.

Go Smart and Save Money

Appliances, furnaces, air conditioners and other household systems which require power can be regulated so that they conserve energy and reduce your bills (as well as your carbon footprint). Smart technology can turn down the heat in the middle of the night, turn off lights when they are not needed in a certain part of the house, and turn off the AC when you’re gone so you are not cooling down an empty house. Plus, using smart home technology can even reduce your homeowner’s insurance rates in certain circumstances.

Streamline Your Life

Being able to access every system, circuit, appliance and security feature in your home from one app on your smartphone or one central network hub inside your home helps to simplify everyday life. The convenience and peace of mind of having security, safety and energy efficiency at your fingertips at all times can allow you to enjoy the simple pleasure of relaxing in your home.

Today, homes are being enjoyed like never before through the use of modern innovation. Contact us to learn more about our new construction homes that you can personalize with smart home technology of your choosing.

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This post was written by Paige Giles

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