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Five Simple-to-Follow Ways to Care for Your New Home

June 25, 2021

Living in a house that you can call your very own is one of the greatest things about being a homeowner. Unlike renting, when it comes to caring for the property, there is no landlord or maintenance department for routine upkeep. Instead, it is up to you to make sure simple tasks are done to keep the place in top condition so that your investment grows over time.

There are several basic yet important ways you can give your home the right amount of TLC to keep it looking and operating like new. These easy tasks can simply be part of your daily routine or done during your spare time on afternoons and weekends.

Be Aware of the Wear & Tear of Your Home

Most elements that can wear down interior surfaces come through the door in the form of dirt and mud. You can reduce or eliminate scuffed up floors and faded carpets by having an area near the entrance where people can remove their shoes before continuing through the house. If you are searching for new homes in the Lehi, Utah area, each of the floor plans at Rockwell Ranch Townhomes feature a mud room adjacent to the first level entrances. This way, family members and guests won’t track abrasive particles through the home, especially in the wintertime.

Keep The Inside Air Clean

Man Replacing Air Filter in New Home

Seasonal temperature changes will warrant use of your heating and air conditioning unit. Both of these systems contain air filters which remove dust particles before treated air is sent throughout the home. Changing these as the appliance manufacturers recommended can reduce the amount of fine dust that settles on hard-to-reach surfaces.

During the summer, dust can settle in the heating vents and the air conditioner. Before you begin using either the furnace or the air conditioner, consider vacuuming out each vent with an extended vacuum hose attachment. This will reduce overall dust throughout the house, resulting in an easier weekly cleaning routine. Consistent cleaning helps make it easy to keep things in your new home looking brand new.

Learn Everything You Can About Your New Features

A newly-built residence can often feature a state-of-the-art alarm system, smoke alarms, doorbell camera, CO2 sensors, thermostat and more — all integrated into the internet. You can optimize these accessories and amenities by spending a bit of time with each feature to learn how it works, and then pass on that information to the rest of your household. This will increase overall safety and security while enhancing the enjoyment of your home.

Manage Water Flow

Rain Gutters Flowing With Rain

The rain gutters along the edges of your roof are critical features for making sure water properly flows from the roof. This is why it is important to check these every spring and fall to make sure they are free of debris such as leaves, twigs and dirt. While you are up on the ladder, consider clipping back tree branches that may be contributing to any sort of buildup in the rain gutters. Also, the downspouts that carry the water to the ground and direct it away from the house should be checked to make sure they are flowing properly and not blocked by debris.

Get Some Sun

During the warm months, you can enjoy your home by spending a bit of time caring for the exterior property. A regular routine of mowing and watering will keep your lawn looking sculpted and lush while a bi-monthly trimming of the bushes near windows and walkways will have a distinct, pleasing effect on the overall appearance of the house. If you love flowers, a colorful garden along the walkway leading to the front door is a great way to welcome visitors.

Caring for the house you live in can be quite effortless when you own the property. Contact the professionals at McArthur Homes to learn more about a newly-built home that awaits your special touch.

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This post was written by Paige Giles

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