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Differences Between Townhomes and Single Family Homes

What Are the Differences Between a Townhouse and a Single Family Home?

April 13, 2021

Townhouses and single family homes are two of the most popular choices for homebuyers. In order to decide which one is right for you, it is important to understand the advantages and differences between the two. Each offers distinct options that fit specific family types and lifestyles.

What Actually is a Townhome?

Exterior of Rockwell Rank TownhomesTownhouses are ideal for busy families with dynamic lifestyles. They are typically built as a series of connected units, each sharing at least one common wall while all are connected by a continuous exterior facade. The entire property is usually managed by an HOA (Homeowners Association) which oversees building maintenance and caretaking of the grounds. This relieves an owner of the burden of yard work, snow removal and routine cosmetic (exterior) upkeep. For young professionals who love to travel and explore the city around them, this is an ideal choice as the HOA assumes many duties that can otherwise be time consuming.

Rockwell Ranch Townhomes

These new townhomes in Utah County offer the latest designs in spacious living with all the benefits of a new, well-maintained community. The villa-like design set against the backdrop of the nearby Wasatch Mountains presents a gorgeous living environment. Located near Lehi, Utah and conveniently situated near major travel routes, young professionals can easily commute to the numerous nearby commercial centers.

Should I Buy A Single Family Home?

Modern Prairie ElevationSingle family homes are standalone structures which offer all the advantages of settling down and raising a family in one ideal location. If you enjoy caring for your property and spending your free time out enjoying the outdoors in your own personal backyard, this type of property allows you to enjoy all the perks that come with the pride of home ownership. A single family house also allows you and your family to enjoy an enhanced sense of privacy and the flexibility to maintain your home and landscape your yard as you see fit.

Townhomes and single family homes offer distinct advantages and should be chosen according to your lifestyle and your family’s living needs. At McArthur Homes, we are the foremost home builder in the greater Utah County area and we are happy to answer any additional questions you have about our communities. Contact us to learn more about discovering your home, no matter what you choose.

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This post was written by Paige Giles

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