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The Many Benefits of Owning a Home Vs. Renting

October 6, 2020

Buying a home is an exciting time, and when you find the right home builder, you can look forward to the many advantages of being a homeowner.

As you move into your new residence, you will have the luxury of decorating and designing it to fit your specific tastes. Plus, the stability and security of ownership will allow you to enjoy your home as you contribute to a growing community.

Personalize Your Spaces

The flexibility to make changes is most often not an option when renting. One of the best parts of owning a home is being able to decide how it will look and feel. Paint choices in bedrooms and shared areas can be selected to match your decor, window coverings, furniture choices and light fixtures.

You can also create the look of each space to suit its purpose, such as light pastels for a nursery, welcoming white for the kitchen and warm tones for the study or master suite.

Count on It

As a new home buyer, you can look forward to fixed interest rates and mortgage payments that remain the same. This consistency allows balanced planning for other investments. Rather than having to be frustrated by increasing rent rates, homeowners enjoy regular payments that are not driven by market trends and inflation.

Plus, when you own a home, you are building equity, which as the years pass, will provide you the opportunity to invest in options such as college tuition, vehicles and summer vacations.

Have Fun

Owning a home gives you the freedom to create an exciting place that brings family and friends together. You can create a backyard field for the kids, install a basketball court, or enjoy the summertime glimmer of a swimming pool.

As a property becomes an asset to the community, it inspires neighbors to enhance their spaces, which adds to the overall value of the neighborhood.

Build Stability

People who own a home vs. rent tend to stay in the same place longer. Owning provides a long-term physical base for a family, which helps foster a sense of stability. Through the seasons, you and your family can enjoy a consistent place for staying centered and focused on long-term goals and aspirations.

Customize for Security and Safety 

A house in your name can be adapted to satisfy your desired levels of personal safety and privacy. You can install fire alarms, motion sensors, exterior lights and CCTV systems which will provide you and your family added peace of mind.

Contribute to Your Community

Buying a home in a growing area is a great way to become a part of a neighborhood. Neighbors who share pride of ownership can share concerns, observations and ideas for general upkeep and future improvement that will contribute to the quality of the area for years to come.

Make it Yours

Owning a home rather than renting allows you to decorate, customize and enjoy an optimal lifestyle. Contact us to learn more about purchasing a new residential property that you can turn into the house of your dreams.

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This post was written by Paige Giles

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