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Top Reasons Why Moving to the Suburbs of Utah County May be a Good Fit

September 21, 2020

There are numerous advantages to living in the suburbs of Utah County and leaving city life behind. Check out these top reasons why living beyond the city limits can be an ideal option for your new home.

More Opportunity to Own Land

Relaxing in a private back or front yard are not typical with city life. Whether the residence is a suburban townhome or a single home with ample land, the options are plentiful in the suburbs.

McArthur Homes’ new construction communities in Mapleton, Utah offer the opportunity to spread out and enjoy the outdoors. At Sunrise Ranch, the single homes each offer plenty of room for backyard family fun.

Healthier Atmosphere

Living in the suburbs can provide an environment that is better for overall health as well as for mental relaxation and stress alleviation. A healthier atmosphere protects against chronic conditions such as asthma and heart disease compared to the denser environment of city life. An active outdoor lifestyle helps residents stay healthy and in shape and creates a more relaxed atmosphere for less anxiety and overstimulation.

Sensational Outdoor Amenities

While outdoor amenities can sometimes be challenging to find in the city, this is a standard in suburban Utah County. Nearby Maple Canyon, scenic Utah Lake, four state parks and many other natural sites provide unlimited places to enjoy the outdoors. The recreational activities within easy reach are almost endless – from swimming, camping, biking and hiking, to golfing, boating, hunting, fishing and even rock climbing.

It is A LOT Easier to Find Parking

Parking can sometimes be a hassle in the city. The headaches of hunting for a parking spot, paid-parking or limited garage opportunities disappear in the suburbs. Residents at McArthur’s communities in enjoy the luxury of a private two-car garage that comes standard with every home.

A Strong Sense of Community

In new construction communities like Sunrise Ranch and Harvest Park, all of the residents in these suburban neighborhoods are new. This affords the opportunity to create tight-knit relationships that form a sense of community, which is ideal for making friends and developing a culture of comradery.

Space to Accommodate Your Needs

City life often comes with higher priced living per square foot. Moving to the suburbs, a bigger house for a more affordable cost becomes a good solution for adding the space that growing families or changing lifestyles need. A larger home can provide additional bedrooms for children or grandparents, private space for a home office, separate areas for hobbies, or even a yoga or fitness room.

The City is Within Easy Reach

One of the best parts of suburban living is that you don’t have to move far from the city to enjoy its benefits. Homeowners at McArthur’s communities, experience both the advantages of suburban living and the excitement of the city because of the close proximity to Provo, an urban destination alive with restaurants, shops, music venues, and more.

If you would like more information about how you can move to the suburbs of Utah County in a new McArthur Home, please reach out to us.

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This post was written by Paige Giles

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