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Home Builders in Mapleton, Utah Create Perfect Opportunities for Home Offices

June 25, 2020

Today, professionals across many industries are realizing the benefits of working from home. As a future homeowner, you may also be considering the career-streamlining advantages of a well-planned, fully functional home office.

Not only can you skip the daily commutes, you will save on gas, eating lunch out and possibly an extended professional wardrobe. Instead, you can put it towards designing a workspace that is relaxing, inspiring, productive and enhances the overall appeal and enjoyment of your home.

Pick the Perfect Space

When you are planning your new home in the Utah County area, there will be plenty of spaces throughout the residence to consider for your home office. An upper-level second or third bedroom can be perfect to take advantage of inspiring window views. However, if you prefer to work on the ground floor, a section of the open concept main level may be optimal. If privacy is of the utmost importance, a designated area in the lower-level rec room or bedroom is another option.

Light and Color

Natural light streaming in from the windows can get your creative energy flowing in the morning. Plus, plenty of warm interior light adds an element to help you stay focused at any hour. Be sure to consider both when choosing your office location and where your desk will face.

For those who are looking for a relaxed environment, a neutral palette of light blues or off-whites will create a comfortable and inviting feel to the space. Choose soft grays for a soothing environment and color accents that inspire your ambitious side.

Build It Just for You

When planning your office in your new home, homebuilders often welcome requests to accommodate your custom home office needs. Built-in drawers and shelves can save you the extra steps of buying and moving bulky office furniture. They can make a striking wall statement while providing extra square footage for storage. You can also have a desk or extended work table built into the framework to give your professional space a feeling of permanence.

Designate Living and Working Spaces

If you are looking to experience the perks of combining home and work, but you feel it is important to separate the two in order to focus, you can have your home builder create an auxiliary entrance to your office. Even though your “commute” is just a few steps from the front door, you’ll be able to remove yourself from domestic distractions and immerse yourself in­ ­a dedicated work environment.

Pre-plan Your Layout

Maximize the proven advantages of keeping a tidy office by pre-determining where all the main components will go. These can include cabinets, desk, chair, wall decor, seating for clients and perhaps a couch off to one side for work breaks. If you prefer a variety of perspectives, a mobile desk with locking wheels could be a smart choice. This way, you can move about depending on the time of day and seasonal views from the window.

A well-planned home office can help you experience the convenience and productivity of a residential workplace. Contact us to learn more about new properties that are ideal for home-based professionals.

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This post was written by Paige Giles

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