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New Construction Homes in Utah County Offer a Fresh Canvas for Personality and Flair.

New Construction Homes in Utah County Offer a Fresh Canvas for Personality and Flair

April 24, 2020

Moving into a newly-built house is a great opportunity for exploring decorative ideas and unique approaches to interior design.

A new home is a great chance for you to implement your personal tastes through expressive choices including paint colors, flooring, unique artwork, ornate fixtures, wall accents, furniture and finishes that will make the residence truly feel like your own.

Start at the Surface

The color scheme of choice is an overall backdrop – the base theme for other decorative choices. Your favorite paint tones can work in harmony with the art and accents you place on the walls and the furniture you arrange throughout the home. Warm, off-white tones can make paintings and sculptures stand out, while hardwood textures of hickory, cherry, walnut and oak can create a welcoming atmosphere. Yet, there are other options such as marble and tile which present a sleek setting that work well with open floor plans.

Decorate the Walls

Deciding how to decorate the wall space is an exciting phase of moving into new home construction. It is a chance to make a statement and bring the home to life. Art pieces are a great way to accentuate a space; not only do they add a sense of personality, but they give the room a focal point. Decorative themes can range from historical eras, artistic movements, musical genres and more. Framed photos of family and friends can also find special places of personal significance throughout the home especially when grouped in unique arrangements.

Apply Stylistic Touches

Deciding on the fine details is a key step in personalizing your newly built home. Carved fireplace mantels, decorative stairway railings and crown molding are features that will complement the entirety of your interior décor vision. After considering how your residence will look, you can request that your builder install these accents so that they welcome you when you move in.

Accentuate with Fixtures

Other decorative elements that pop up when adding personality to a new home are choosing lighting fixtures and light switch hardware as well as finishing plumbing accents. If you enjoy elaborate designs, you can choose chandeliers, wall brackets and lamps with artistic curves and swirling patterns. If you prefer straight lines and minimal flair, you can have subtle accents installed that let your color choices, artwork and furniture take center stage.

Have Fun with Furniture

Your choice in furniture is great a way to convey your style. Based on your color schemes and moods created with paint, flooring, artwork and fixtures, you can decide if your furniture should be bold & chic or neutral & modern. An example to create a subtle yet cohesive feel in gathering areas such as the kitchen, dining area and family room is to choose items, such as throw pillows, that reflect the overall theme of your home.

Making decorative choices that reflect and accentuate your personality is a great way to truly make your new house a home. Contact us to learn more about owning a new home that is ready to be filled with your unique taste and style!

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This post was written by Paige Giles

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