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Kitchen in a new home from McArthur Homes.

New Homes in Mapleton, Utah Offer A Fresh Start in the Kitchen

March 26, 2020

As you consider a new home, imagine one that features a welcoming space where you can prepare great family meals, minus the chaos. Because the kitchen is very often the social center of the home, the efficient use of cabinets and storage space is key to making any gathering run smoothly.

Give Everything a Place

McArthur’s new homes in Mapleton, Utah feature an abundance of cabinets and storage areas. With ample space, a simple set of protocols based on order and function can help you make every meal easier to prepare and gatherings stress free in your new home.

Five top tips to a better-organized kitchen:

Store items near the area it will be used. Organization by task makes working in the kitchen easier for everyone. Store cooking utensils and pots and pans in cabinets near the stove. Place baking supplies near the mixer. All things coffee related are best found near the coffeemaker. Locate plates and silverware in cabinets closest to the eat-in kitchen. Planning your kitchen by task will be essential in reducing kitchen congestion.

Put frequently used items on display. Use your creativity to add a twist to your kitchen décor while making everyday tasks easier. Display cutting boards and kitchen tools on wall hooks. Mount open shelves above countertops to display canisters or add a rack for decorative coffee mugs. Consider any ideas that can add a trendy element to your kitchen while keeping frequently used items within reach.

Eliminate cabinet confusion with Lazy Susans, drawer dividers, tiered shelves and door organizers. These all provide for easier reach along with better visibility of the contents in the cabinets. Using these organizational aids can transform your cabinets and eliminate endless shuffling through layers of spices, foods, and dishware.

Relocate items you use less frequently. Items that you need least often in the kitchen are best placed farthest from areas of activity. Top shelves are perfect for platters and turkey roasting pans and bottom drawers are ideal for seasonal barbeque tools. Use those out-of-the-way places for the things that may only be used once or twice a year.

Divide your cabinet space by size. Adjust your cabinet shelves to heights that match your storage needs. Create taller areas for larger appliances and shorter spaces for smaller items like plastic containers and lids. Add bins and baskets to further divide your space and organize contents. Be sure to vertically stack items by size from big to small wherever you can. Place containers inside one another and do the same with metal pots and pans, mixing bowls and baking dishes. You’ll find that with just this one tip you can store so much more in a small space.

The time and effort put into organizing your kitchen space will return in relief and happiness when you create a family meal or entertain friends. Contact us to learn more about the beautiful kitchens featured in every new McArthur home.

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This post was written by Paige Giles

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