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Settling into Your Quick Move-in Home in Utah County

February 28, 2020

If you have purchased a new home that is move-in-ready, organization will be key to making it a smooth move. With so many plans to make and coordinate, pulling it off without a hitch will require a bit of organization and know-how.

Here are a few sensible tips for assembling your belongings, creating a plan, staying organized and enjoying the process of setting up your new home. With a concrete strategy in place, you can transition easily into your freshly-finished abode and reap the rewards of making a new start.


Take Inventory

While you are waiting for the contractors to finalize the work in your quick-move-in home in Utah County, you will have plenty to do. It is a wise first-step to take a complete inventory of your home’s contents. It can be a simple list or even better, a video of each room in the house. This will provide your movers with the information needed to give you an accurate estimate and have it to begin the organizational task of packing and preparing for the move.


Label and Lighten

Using a color-coded labelling system for identifying the content of boxes can help ease the transition into your new home. For example, you can assign blue to kitchen-wares, red to electronics, green to dry pantry goods and a separate color for each family member’s personal items so that they can be easily located on your very first night in your new home in Utah County.

Make Your Game Plan

Based on the layout of your new home, you can plan ahead and decide where major items such as couches, tables, chairs, beds and dressers will go. Sharing the floor plan with your movers helps you both organize for an easier move. It also allows you to prioritize the pieces which are assigned to the rooms furthest from the door so your movers can systematically fill the house from back to front.

Also plan to load your moving trucks with boxes first and furniture last so they are brought inside in the opposite sequence– making for an easier unpacking process.


Establish Order

Once you have everything inside on the first night, it is important to initiate a sense of structure. Anchor each room with one pre-established item such as a rug, a painting, an appliance or a bedspread that exudes a sense of familiarity.

This is where the color-coded boxes come in handy as well as having the major pieces of furniture already in their predetermined places. Plus, each family member can find their boxes of special belongings to help them settle in and feel at home.

Have Fun

As you get settled in Utah County, your new home can become your canvas for a new beginning of aesthetic possibilities. Imagine new combinations of your art pieces across freshly-painted walls, and creative arrangements of furniture to accommodate a growing family. This a clean slate for your decorative sensibilities, one where you can try new ideas and create a home unique to you and your family.  The moving process can be intimidating especially with a shortened timeline, but with a bit of planning you can make it a constructive one. Contact us to learn more about newly-constructed homes in Salt Lake City built by an award-winning company that is three generations strong.

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This post was written by Paige Giles

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