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Tips for Getting Your House Ready for Sale

July 12, 2019

Selling real estate in Utah can be difficult in a competitive market. There are so many tasks that have to be completed before your house is ready to go on the market. To make things easier for you, we’ve compiled some tips to help you get your home ready to sell. 

Tip #1: Create A Calendar 

Selling a house can be stressful and overwhelming. However, planning everything out ahead of time can really be a life saver in those stressful moments. 

Set aside time each day to work on the house. One day you might decide to declutter the living room, another day you may secure a storage unit. And of course, you need to set a goal for when you’d like to have your home listed to give yourself a deadline and avoid procrastination.  

Tip #2: Light ‘Em Up

Take a moment to think about this: 

When was the last time you changed the light bulbs in your home?  

Has it been a while? Well, now might be a good time to switch them out! It may seem silly to invest in good lights right before you move out, however, good lighting in a home can make all the difference. Better lighting can create a cozy and inviting environment. 

It’s especially important to have good lighting if you plan to sell your home during the Winter. It can be a little tricky when selling real estate in Utah in the colder months. The days get darker quicker and it can leave your house feeling a bit gloomy if you have poor lighting. 

Tip #3: Clean The Clutter 

Cleaning clutter will do two things for you: 

First it makes your house look presentable. Cleaning clutter can also help potential buyers be able to picture themselves moving in. 

Second, it’s going to help you when it’s time to move. Cleaning the clutter can be one of the more daunting tasks of moving, but once it’s done, there’s not much more you have to move! 

It’s important to keep your home looking clean and simple when trying to sell it. So when in doubt, go the simple route. 

Tip #4: Don’t Forget The Front

Getting Your House Ready for Sale

First impressions are important, and the same goes for your home. Be sure to spruce up the front yard before selling your home. Trim those hedges, cut the grass, pull those weeds, repaint the front deck, do whatever it takes to make the front look pristine. 

You can even take a drive around some nice neighborhoods to get inspiration from other real estate in Utah to implement in your own yard. 

Tip #5: Deep Clean

Deep clean: the dreaded words no one wishes to hear. But it’s true, in order to get your house ready to sell, it’s got to be squeaky clean. 

Hiring a cleaning service is going to be the best way to finish this task. Professional cleaners know what to look for when deep cleaning a home. They’re able to get to those hard to reach spots that haven’t seen cleaning chemicals in years. 

Tip #6: Set the Smell

Close your eyes and imagine the welcoming smell of fresh baked bread or a delicious pan of gooey brownies. A great way to present your home to a potential buyer is to set the tone with a smell. Besides looks, scent is one of the first things a potential buyer will notice. 

Before a buyer visits your home, you can bake something yummy and inviting. Or, if you don’t have time for that, simply lighting a fresh scented candle will do the trick. 

Other real estate in Utah has employed the trick of using plug in wall candles to ensure that each room has a fresh scent. 

Tip #7: Bring In The Natural Light

Natural Light Coming into a Home

Natural light is sure to make your home feel extra cozy and welcoming. Throw open all the shades to allow that glorious sun to come into your home.

Adding soft colored curtains to your windows can add a lovely glow to your home. Off white and beige are great neutral colors for curtains to spruce up your home. 

Tip #8: Stage Your Home 

Creating an environment that feels inviting to potential buyers is a crucial step in selling your home. Believe it or not, the positioning of your couch and coffee table is more important than you think. Organize your furniture in a way that makes the room feel more open. A great technique to make a room feel more spacious is to hang mirrors on the walls. Not only do they add a fun decoration to your wall but they can also make the room feel bigger. 

Another great way to get inspiration for staging your home is by attending the Utah Valley Parade of Homes. This is a fun way to tour real estate in Utah and get some inspiration of how to decorate your home. 

McArthur Homes

It’s hard enough to try and sell your house but then you throw on trying to find a new home and the task can seem near impossible. Let McArthur Homes lift the burden of finding a new home.  McArthur Homes has been working with real estate in Utah for two decades and has built over 3,000 new homes for families in Utah. 

Visit McArthur Homes today to begin your search for the most beautiful real estate in Utah. Our staff is experienced in helping customers find the perfect home for their needs.

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This post was written by Brandon Doyle

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