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Top 10 Things People Look for in a New Home

March 10, 2019

Most people look at more than just size and price when house hunting. If you’re thinking about buying a home or selling your current home, this short list should help get you started on things people look for when you are in the process of shopping for a new home.


You know what they say… location, location, location! And it’s true! If you are happy with the location of the house and the neighborhood is what you’ve always dreamed of than anything else about the house can most likely be fixed. You can change the countertops, but you can’t change the location.

Most people look for the proximity of the house to nearby schools and to their office location. For a lot of people the community aspect of a neighborhood is a big selling point as well as safety. Luckily, with many neighborhoods in Utah you really can’t go wrong!

Curb Appeal

The Curb Appeal of your Home

When you step back and look at this home from the curb, does it reflect you? Does it reflect what you and your family are all about? Do you find this home attractive? Be practical when judging a home’s curb appeal but stay true to you!

Privacy and Space

Being aware of the privacy and space a home offers is one of the many tips for buying a house. As far as privacy goes, take note of whether or not the windows directly face the neighbor’s windows. Look for how close the houses are in proximity to each other. Shrubs and trees in the yard can often create added privacy.

Space can also bring a feeling of privacy into your home. Be especially mindful about how many bedrooms and bathrooms you need. If you’re thinking about adding more rooms on later, keep in mind regulations regarding lot usages and city regulations.

Good Structure

The structure of the house, including the foundation is a major thing people look for in a new home. Buying a house with good structure will save you from thousands of dollars in repair fees later on.

From the outside, look at the roofing. Is it in good condition? Make sure the roof is not warped or caving in. Then look at the foundation, hairline cracks are normal and nothing to worry about. But if there are larger cracks or gaps on the outside of the house it could mean there is a bigger issue in the foundation.

From the inside check for uneven flooring and cracks above window frames. These, along with signs of termites are details not to be ignored.

InsulationInstalling Insulation


Analyze the attic, water pipes and heating ducts to make sure they are properly insulated. If possible, also check the wall insulation. Having a well insulated house will help reduce heating and cooling costs. Double-paned windows will also increase insulation especially during long winters in a place such as Utah.

Heating and Cooling Systems

If you are looking at an older house keep in mind that the heating and cooling systems could be outdated. These systems can be quite expensive to replace and can inflate your utility bills. Before moving in, make sure the heating and cooling systems are up to date and in good condition.


Plumbing is one the home’s lifebloods. When viewing a house take time to stop and smell the roses… or the sewage. Examine the pipes for leaks and look for water damage. If you have a preference on water heaters check and see if it is gas or electric.

Just like that, there’s a few more tips for buying a house!

Electrical Wiring

Wiring in a House


Electrical Wiring. Another one of a home’s lifeblood and not mention costly to replace. Confirm that the number of electrical outlets are enough for your needs and that the main circuit breaker is not damaged in any way.


Mold is scary for more reasons than one. Mold smells bad, looks bad and is bad for you. Mold is a big thing people look for before purchasing a home because it can cause major health problems. Babies, elderly people and those with asthma are particularly sensitive to mold.  

Consider Having a Home Inspection Done

If you have questions about a home in particular and want more than just your own 5 senses to do some investigating, consider having a home inspection done. Home inspectors will check the foundation and wiring of a home in more depth and look for signs of bugs.

Like people, no house is perfect. But it is important to know exactly what you are getting yourself into before buying.

McArthur Homes is the leading home builder in Utah and are most proud of their commitment to customer satisfaction. If you are contemplating moving into a new home check out McArthur home designs and communities in Utah. Want more tips for buying a house in Utah? McArthur has got your back with homebuyer tools.

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This post was written by Brandon Doyle

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