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November 14, 2018


Why Choose McArthur Homes?

All along the Wasatch front the home building business is thriving.  There’s a wide range of builders to choose from if you are looking for a new, personalized home.  You probably also want the latest and greatest in up-to-date high standards for quality, design, technology, and energy efficiency.

With so many home builders to choose from, how can you possibly pick the right one for you?  This post will help you with some time-saving and salient information to help you choose wisely.

Let’s get right to it!

The ABCs of Successful New Home Shopping

  1. Local, regional, or national builder? National and even builders build a lot of homes around the country and know a little about many different markets.  However, local builders know the Utah market and the Wasatch Front in particular, like the back of their hands.  Local builders like McArthur Homes focus their efforts on being experts on Utah buyers’ interests and needs.  If you want that special attention to your desires, McArthur Homes welcomes your visit.
  2. Quality at a Reasonable price – home builders which manage their processes, budgets, contractors and materials, as well as their timelines, effectively and efficiently – will provide you a high quality home at a very competitive price.  McArthur Homes has 25 years of success and reputation for doing exactly this.  McArthur has won multiple awards for their attention to these details, including 2016 Salt Lake HBA Home Builder of the Year and 2018 Guild Master Award Winner for a superior customer experience.  Ask other home builders how they measure energy efficiency and air tightness of their homes.  McArthur Homes uses proven techniques to help you and your family to feel comfortable, healthy, and safe.
  3. What’s in the warranty service agreement? Many home builders hand off their warranty issues to a third party so that the builder doesn’t have to deal with any issues after close.  McArthur Homes has an in-house warranty specialist who is fast to respond and resolve issues.  Many homebuyers are repeat buyers with McArthur Homes in part because of our execution on customer satisfaction long after homeowners move and settle in.

McArthur Homes has some excellent communities in Salt Lake and Utah counties.  If you haven’t visited Madison Ridge in Saratoga Springs, come see why this precious gem of a community is making new homeowners thrilled to make the move!


This article was written by Kevin Rhodes

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