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House Shopping – 3 Simple Tips to Your Perfect Home

November 7, 2018

House shopping for your new investment in a place to call home often creates a carousel of emotions.  There’s the initial fresh excitement of exploring potential communities and houses.

There’s also the process of matching current trends and styles with your personal functional needs and desires.  For many, this is a fun experience for the first little while.  However, as the newness of fun and excitement starts to dissipate, usually there’s a strong onset of overwhelm and uncertainty that follows.

This is the point when house shopping starts to feel more tedious and your range of emotions causes you to grow tired of searching.  If this describes you, these simple steps may help you re-focus on getting to the perfect home for you:

3 Simple Tips for House Shopping

  1. Compare and choose from 2 or 3 lenders with excellent customer reviews to get certainty on the investment amount for your home. Knowing what you are willing and able to invest provides clarity and confidence to help you make a financially wise and emotionally fulfilling decision.
  2. Compare new versus used homes. Newer homes may have a higher investment amount upfront compared to a similar-sized used home.  Generally speaking, the older the home, the greater the difference. However, new homes don’t have repairs, paint jobs, and the long punch list of remodeling needs found in used homes. In fact, new homes often save you more in the long run and include warranty protection on the home and brand new appliances.
  3. Choose a home based on your personalized interests and passions. Where do you spend the most time at home?  Remember, your home may be your largest investment and is the place where you will create lasting memories with the people you love the most.

Now is the time to own your dream home! McArthur Homes at Rockwell Ranch just outside of Lehi, UT offers some amazing homesites and also some quick-move-in homes if you are ready to start creating some amazing memories now!  By the way, we have some proven expert lender partners to help guide you in determining the right investment amount for you.



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This post was written by Paige Giles

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