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Scents That Sell – Using Aroma to Sell Your Home

December 8, 2016

Many mistakes can often be made while trying to sell a house, and frequently the seemingly insignificant factors can be overlooked. One of the biggest errors a seller can make is not paying attention to the smell of the home when allowing potential buyers to visit the house.

Quite often the first impression of the inside of a home is the odor. An unpleasant smell can immediately turn buyers away from a sale. However, when used in moderation, a pleasant smell can often raise a buyer’s mood and their potential to feel at home.  Here are some of the best smells to make your first impression your best impression:

TIP! – Avoid the attempt to mask other smells and “overuse” your chosen scent. Use your scent sparingly. An overbearing scent can severely affect your chances to sell.


Clean Smell

a paint can from freshly painting a home to give it a clean smell

A deciding factor for most home-buyers is being able to understand the history of the house simply by the scent of the house. A clean refreshing smell is often the most effective odor and reassures the buyer that the home was well taken care of and has no past history of ill-treatment.

If the home does, in fact, have a stale smell associated with it, a thorough deep-cleaning of the house should be scheduled in order to purge the defective odor. A very effective way of achieving a clean smell after a deep cleaning is the scent of fresh paint.  The smell of a fresh coat of paint often associates the buyer with a new start and feelings of achievement.  The clean smell is the most effective smell and can make a big impact on first impressions.


Green Smell

a house plant that will help give a house a fresh green smell

When entering a home knowing the seller sprayed a chemical alternative to achieve a pleasant smell can immediately turn away many friendly buyers. In today’s world of constant debate over harmful chemicals in consumer products, avoiding the “fake” aroma is often a good route to go.

Opening the house so that fresh air can circulate throughout the home is a great strategy. Add live plants with pleasant smells such as lavender, jasmine, or eucalyptus around the home. These can often present a very refreshing and natural impression when visiting a home. However, choosing this route can often be tricky due to seasonal allergies and it is advised to proceed with caution.


Warm and Comforting

a fresh baked loaf of bread that makes the house smell warm and inviting

A choice that can be risky, yet often quite effective, is presenting the house in a very welcoming and cozy manner. However, the truth is many people have their specific tastes and it is often the best to choose a very broad smell that is liked by many.

The smell of freshly baked bread can create a very warm feeling to a home. A hint of vanilla is often considered the most welcoming smell there is in a home. During the holidays, a slight hint of cinnamon and winter smells can often do the trick, however, as mentioned before, a little can go a long way and the home should never appear that you forcefully tried to cause a smell in the home. 

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This post was written by Brandon Doyle

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