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That New Home Smell: How to Budget so that You Can Have it too

December 8, 2016

Purchasing a new home is about more than just the money. It is about finding the perfect place for you and for your family. If you want to afford it, however, you are going to have to budget. We’ve provided the tips you need to make a budget, keep your spending on track, and eventually buy the home you’ve always dreamed of.

Blueprint of building a new home

Create a Simple Budget

When you want to start saving money, the first and best thing to do is create a simple budget. To do this,  set aside a time to sit down with everyone involved and figure out  spending habits. Look through the expenditures of previous months and identifying where all your money goes. It is only once you know where the money has gone, that you can begin planning and preparing for future expenses. 


Cut Back on the Unnecessary Items

Cutting back is the basis of a good budget. Deciding what to cut back on, however, can be much more difficult than most people think. Even small expenses, things like eating out once a week, can add up over time.

As you plan and prepare to purchase a new home, decide which of these small expenses it is possible to live without. Even after the decision is made, don’t be afraid to adjust the budget if  other things come up later that can be cut from the budget.


Set Up Measurable Goals

Now that there is a budget in place, set up measurable goals that will motivate everyone along the way. Use an estimated monthly income, compared against the budget, to set goals that will be attainable each month.

Meeting these short term goals will be extremely important in saving up for the bigger, long term goal of buying a home. If you ever fail to accomplish a short term goal, take time to figure out where the money went and whether or not those expenses should be accounted for in the future.



By tracking your spending each month, you can make sure that you are staying within your budget guidelines and, ultimately, saving money. The key to success will be personal commitment to achieving short and long term goals and staying true to the budget. Your perfect home is out there, somewhere, waiting for you to follow these steps so that you can go and buy it.

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This post was written by Brandon Doyle

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