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a firepit for the backyard

Backyard Bliss

December 8, 2016

When the sun comes out and it doesn’t set for hours, you know it’s time to make the backyard the place to be this summer! Whether you’re adding some comfortable furniture for you and your friends to enjoy, or if you’re adding a treehouse for you children to play pirates in, we’ve got the ideas to make your backyard the perfect place to soak up some sun all summer long.

Landscaping Ideas:

Add water features to the yard for a soothing sound to sit and enjoy

waterfall feature for the backyard

Tiers of grassy areas give your backyard a modern look; be the first to have a new and upbeat backyard.

Shaping your backyard like a courtyard allows you to do a few different styles within the same yard. The courtyard style separates the yard into little sections, one of which being the main gathering area for you and your friends.

a backyard with a courtyard

A popular thing to do in the backyard these days is create an outdoor living room. Complete the look with furniture including things like couches and side tables.

an outdoor living area

Add a fireplace to the backyard to give the outdoor living space an even more homey feel.

Throw a few garden beds around the yard and spice up the look and feel of your backyard. Plant things like colorful flowers in one bed and do your vegetables in another.

garden beds for the yard

If you like the look of modern swimming pools, complete your rectangular swimming hole with this elongated firepit; now you can go swimming at any time of the night and have the entire length of the pool lit.

Stepping away from the modern look, you can add some exotic foliage around a pond for a very natural feel.

exotic foliage around a pond

Include a greenhouse to your backyard to grow plants and herbs to cook with.

a backyard greenhouse

A fun addition to the backyard can be a winding pathway or a few stepping stones for kids to find their way down.

winding path in the backyard

Tree houses are fun for everyone, kids and adults alike. So discover a way to make one in your yard for a great time both at night and during the day.

A fire pit is great to enjoy in winter and summertime; add some marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate and I’m there!

a firepit for the backyard


DIY Backyard Projects

Sometimes making your backyard special is even more exciting with you Do It Yourself! Here are a few DIY ideas to make your backyard the place to be this summer!


  • Build a built-in beer cooler to your patio table for easy access during summer dinners on the deck.
  • Convert an old bunk bed into a stargazing treehouse that is easy to access and easy to make comfortable
  • Build a giant hammock swing to enjoy with not one but multiple people!
  • Place your trampoline on the side of your pool to use instead of a diving board.
  • Use old tires to make a kid’s jungle gym in the yard; spray paint them for even more fun.
  • Make a canopy with just a sheet over a clothesline and let the kids play pretend or have a sleep over under their canopy.
  • Build some extra seating on the patio by stacking pallets together and adding seat cushions.
  • Make some fun hideouts with hula hoops and shower curtains.
  • Spray paint old metal chairs in bright colors for backyard entertaining.
  • Make a small waterproof frame and fill it with rocks to spray off dirty feet before entering the house.
  • Grow sunflowers in a circle with a small opening for children to go in to the sunflower house and read books.

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This post was written by Brandon Doyle

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